The events in Odessa at 11 October 2019

Michael Starytsky "chasing two hares"

11 October 2019, 19:00
category: play
from 40 to 200 UAH
place: Ukrainian theater (street Pasteur, 15)

One of the most popular and loved by audience of Ukrainian classic comedies. Author — writer of classic, one of the founders of the Ukrainian professional theater of the late XIX-th century Michael Staritsky. The plot of the Comedy "grows" from the famous proverb: for two hares chase — you will not catch any. Forgot about this folk wisdom hero Comedy — "siluric" (Barber in our opinion) with Podol Svirid Petrovich Golohvostogo... to improve their plight, began to run after the "overripe" girl from the rich burghers Sirkis — Prone the Prokopovna. And romantic feelings drew him back to Gale, daughter of Limerike, sister Tercihi... However Pronya Prokopovna felt Svirid Petrovich real big and pure love?.. passion?.. — feeling!!! "Chasing two hares" — the play-survivor. It's a musical Comedy, in which a lot of music, duets, choruses, dances, briancook... The premiere took place on 23 April 1988. Production Director — the honored worker of arts of Ukraine Vladimir Tumanov. Artistic Director — honored artist of Ukraine Stanislav Zaytsev. Composer — honored artist of Ukraine Boris Silbergleit. Since the premiere, for more than twenty years, on stage invariably are in the role of Prony prokopovnu — honored artist of Ukraine Galina Kobzar-Slobodyuk, Evdokii of Philipovna of Sirchie — honored artist of Ukraine Maria Pivovarova, Lemarie — honored artist of Ukraine Svetlana Guzhva. The role of Svirid Petrovich in the cast are honored artist of Ukraine Igor Gerashchenko and Bogdan Parshakov. The cast also: people's artist of Ukraine Olga Rowicka, honored artist of Ukraine Diana Small and Jacob kucherevsky, artists Oleg Russol (as Procopius Sirk), Alla Brodskaya, Tatyana Glushchenko, Ninel Natacha, Eugene Yukhnovets and others.

The poster of the event — Michael Starytsky "chasing two hares" in Ukrainian theater