The events in Odessa at 10 October 2019

Psychotherapeutic Group

10 October 2019, 18:00
category: seminar/training
place: Centre of psychological culture of "Spirit" (Spiridonovskaya str., 21)

Psychotherapeutic group:              "I can not live without you"              Our group is created for people who have difficulties in relationships with loved ones (parents, children, partners, friends, etc.).              IF you often:       - Feel lonely, even surrounded by a large number of people;       - feel distrust, an urgent need to control everything around;       - very diligent and demanding in relation to themselves and / or others;       - endure and restrain your feelings, so as not to offend someone;       - Jealous and it does not give you rest;       - You know what your loved ones may want, but you don’t know your desires at all;       - think that you are not good enough;       - are worried about the little things;       - fear your own anger;       - blame and / or be ashamed of the actions of which you did not commit.              THAT:              We invite you to a safe space, Psychotherapeutic group, where you can:       - look at yourself from the side;       - Get feedback from other members of the group;       - try new forms of behavior in order to apply them in life;       - discover their own needs and resources;       - get support.              Work format: weekly group, on Thursdays, from 18:00 to 21:00              Limited number of seats. Recording to the group by phones: 0504902583 Anastasia, 0503917796 Dina

The poster of the event — Psychotherapeutic Group in Centre of psychological culture of "Spirit"