The events in Odessa at 10 October 2019

OdessaFrontend Meetup №13 от AB Soft

10 October 2019, 19:00
category: master class
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Hi! We open the season mitapov! 蘭 10 October OdessaFrontend Meetup #13. It will take place in AB Soft, vitse-Admirala Zhukova 21/23. Program: 18:30 — Going to AB Soft, meet 19:00 — Opening meet up 19:10 — "How to do animation and to achieve 60fps on different devices" Animation is an integral part of any current web interface. Vitalii Kalashnikov talk about hardware accelerated animations, how to use computers when creating dynamic web applications. How to use it to make the animations run at 60 frames per second even on a mobile device and thus to prevent the fall of the browser users. As well as talk about CSS vs JS animation and compare the performance. 19:50 — Break 20:00 — "Efficiency with a capital e... or any other" You often heard the word "Effectiveness", "Productivity", "Efficiency", but their meaning has become blurred. Evgeny Kravtsov will speak about the true meaning of those words in relation to professional activity. Everything you wanted to know about efficiency, but were afraid to ask). And Yes, you know all this, and without it, have not tried to systematize this knowledge. And no, it's not personal growth training  20:40 — Break 20:50 — "data Structures in JavaScript" Algorithms and data structures is the fundamental basis of programming. But, when learning JavaScript, it is not enough time. Progressive freimark high-level language rich functionality and optimization, but is that enough? Nick Gromov tells how he realized that the algorithms have gone nowhere and why needed data structures and compare their performance using JavaScript. 21:30 — Quiz We decided to diversify meetups practical knowledge checks. Nicholas Ptashuk will conduct a quiz that consists of simple brainteasers on knowledge of html, css, js. A correct answer will get a present. 21:40 — Closing The entrance is free. Places are limited, so sign up already: Detailed information on the website: If you want to support us: See you soon!

The poster of the event — OdessaFrontend Meetup №13 от AB Soft in Location