The events in Odessa at 10 October 2019

Acting / For Us Uses in Ordinary Life

10 October 2019, 15:00
category: the courses
place: Creative space "Heat" (Bolshaya Arnautskaya str., 59)

FIVE MONTHLY Acting Course in Heat!              Most likely this is the last recruitment to the Acting Group, at least for the coming years. Because I am planning to invest in the creation of new projects that I have been tacitly working on all this time and which have almost matured, but not about that now.              I decided to give EVERYTHING the most valuable and effective of acting (and not only;)), which helped me to act and achieve my goals not only on the stage of the theater, but also in "Normal" Life!              Since this is the last course, I really want to give all the most worthwhile that I know about it that I didn’t even give on the two previous groups, simply because they lasted TWO months, and ours will be FIVE FIVE!              5 months, creativity, focused self-knowledge, work on yourself, your fears, goals, desires. We will truly dare to look into HIS DEPTH!       IN THE DEPTH OF HERO!       Understand your nature, realize it and ACT from this!                     “Hero Depth or How to ACT IN Normal Life” is a course based on acting, which is primarily intended not only for the theater scene, but for our everyday life and self-awareness.              Of course, we will study the basic laws of the Russian Psychological Theater and some Western systems, which will help us get to know the World of the Theater from the inside, understand what the theater itself, the play, the play, the drama ... and what really lies behind the title “ACTOR”.Also, we will practice various techniques that have such side effects on our daily lives as:              • emancipation       • awakening of creative energy and enthusiasm       • increased self-confidence       • deliverance of perfectionism and fear of mistakes       • getting rid of the limiting beliefs and opinions of others              ... etc.;       All this, of course, is an integral part of our sweet creative process :)       And at the same time, everything is much deeper.              First of all, this course is intended for Understanding / Search / Awareness of the Depth of YOUR Hero.       No matter how abstract it sounds now.              The Hero Depth course is aimed at enabling you to find or come closer to understanding your MOST IMPORTANT GOAL FOR LIFE and link all other goals and actions with HER!              Understanding WHERE we go, WHY and HOW to get there!              And the Theater Stage, Acting Mastery and the Philosophy of Yoga will serve us as an instrument.              Maybe a little bit verbatim, but I will quote one titan, without which today the world of theater is not conceived. Stanislavsky said that in order for an actor to achieve truth, naturalness, and organicity on the STAGE, one must act according to the same laws as in REAL LIFE.              The key phrase here is ACTING WITH LAWS. Everything in our world works according to certain laws that we did NOT invent, and which do NOT depend on us.And our success in achieving various goals directly depends on how much we KNOW these laws and TAKE INTO ACCOUNT them in our actions.              For example, the sun rises at a certain time, regardless of how we relate to it and what we think about it; the apple does not fall down because Newton “invented” this law; apples fell down thousands of years BEFORE Newton. He tracked these laws of nature and CONSTRUCTED under them to achieve success for his own purposes.              So we are - we will observe, be aware of these laws and learn to apply them both on the stage of the theater and on the stage of life!              BUT WHAT IS THIS LAW FOR WHICH EVERYTHING WORKS AND WHICH THE MOST PART OF THE MODERN SOCIETY IGORS!?              My FIVE-month course “The depth of the Hero or how to ACT in ordinary life” differs from all other courses in the world in that I connected acting knowledge and exercises (which I got from my teachers) with ancient oriental knowledge that fully and completely explains the nature of everything .                     We simply draw a parallel between them, and we will understand how easy it is to apply these perfect formulas not only to the stage, but to absolutely any life situation!              Do not expect this course to make you a professional actor, but expect that he will be able to improve your life qualitatively!              For those who are aiming for professional actors, you’re not here, in Odessa there is no such place at all, except for the pain of the native and beloved Theater at Chaynaya, but to get there you must have special piety!Further for those to whom the text above resonates.              COURSE FORMAT:              • 5 months ;              • 2 times a week.              • lesson 2.5 hours:       1 hour of theory that you will not find almost anywhere (and certainly not on the Internet);       1.5 hours of practice based on acquired knowledge;              • viewing, analysis "on the bones" and discussion of excerpts from performances and films;              • The final performance in an unusually interesting format with a full audience hall.                     YOU REALLY WORTH WANTED TO TRY:              • This is the last acting course. At least for the next couple of years I plan so.              One of the main reasons this course will be - I AM INTERESTING! And I really like this format because he brings us very close together and, with luck, gives us new, close-minded friends and acquaintances.       Community, friendship, unity, understanding - this is one of the most valuable that in general can be.              • Atmosphere of Space.              Each training hall, sports ground, stage has its indescribable unique atmosphere, its own “smell” :) Our classes will be held at the concert venue of the theater and creative space WARM       The chamber stage, light and the auditorium will immerse you in a special mood and convey the TASTE of the theater, creativity, and community.              • Super Combo.A synthesis of the basic laws of the Russian Psychological Theater, Western modern techniques and ETERNAL Vedic laws about which practically NO ONE KNOWS, and according to which EVERYTHING is arranged in this world.       And all this to help you understand yourself.                     WHAT ELSE YOU WILL GET FROM THE COURSE:              • Naturally, you will receive a certificate of completion of the basic course, with which we will take pictures together! :)              • Also, we will have a whole gallery of photographs from classes and the Final Performance, where you will see yourself in ACTION;)              • But the most important thing is that you will make new acquaintances, maybe even new friends, have a great time, and the knowledge that we will apply on stage, you can successfully apply in absolutely any area of ​​life.                     Deniska, and who are you anyway? :)              Why did I take this course with great desire?              As I said, the goal of the “Depth of the Hero” course is to find the “Through Action” of your life!       Stop being afraid to ACT!       Feel free to go ahead!       Strive with enthusiasm for true goals!              The world of theater and acting training, combined with ancient Vedic knowledge, is very conducive to this! In my life so sure!              How exactly has this affected my life? Below I will write some facts about myself. I want to note right away that I do not consider these services to be my own, but modestly and humbly thank my teachers who, by their kindness, shared this invaluable knowledge with me, FOLLOWING WHICH, I was lucky to achieve something and achieve it!For many, the specifics are important:              • Graduate of the 2nd studio of the Theater Laboratory “Theater on the Tea Room”;              • Creator of the creative and theatrical space HEAT;              • Organizer of business and social projects (for some reason, the names are silent);              • From the Acting courses, this is the third group, you can find the feedback from previous guys in the next posts or in the discussion of the event.              • International Master of Sports in Bullet Shooting.              And in all these seemingly DIFFERENT activities, I found confirmation that the laws that we will discuss in the Course work everywhere and always!              I really really want all this to help you make your life better, and that you find real happiness! And I really believe that when you get into it and start to apply it in your life - it will be so!                     FIVE-MONTH COURSE       15 000 (3000 UAH per month)              Discounts and payment options:       12 900 UAH in full payment       or payment in 3 approaches is possible (5000 each in the first three months)              Full Money Back Guarantee if you don’t like the first three classes!               TIMETABLE OF CLASSES       Tuesday and Thursday       Day group - 15:00 - 17:30       Evening group - 18:00 - 20:30       (the schedule can move + - 30 minutes)              12 places in the group!              Start on October 10th.              REGISTRATION HERE              Questions:+38 063 343 43 70 (It is better to write in a vibe rather than call)              Of good!

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