The events in Odessa at 15 October 2019

Neuroscience of personality: success factor

15 October 2019, 19:00
category: lecture
from 350 to 550 UAH
place: Co-working center "Terminal 42" (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

We all tend to think that the preconditions for success can be heavy or hard work, or communication and the environment, just a case of coincidence, or favourable starting position. And if you look at the success factor on the other side? And what role it can play in the realization of individuality, the variety of characters in a team, innate qualities of employees and their talents? On this and many other will speak October 15 at Terminal 42 with an expert in the field of neuroscience Viktor Komarenko. Theses of the lecture: — awareness of their own physiological characteristics as one of the main signs of talent; — freedom of self-determination driver of professional growth with an eye on individuality; the link between the competence of the expert and his innate qualities; — in search of the perfect candidate: how to foresee what could make employee? — a variety of individually — collective value; — why the autonomy of employees reveals their talents? — why what could make the employee do not match what he usually does? — "genetics" companies or the phenomenon of norms of reactions in the organization. Build a supportive environment; — not the talents of a single nonproduction factors in communities that negate or enhance individual characteristics. About the speaker: Viktor Komarenko, an expert in the field of neuroscience, co-founder Beehiveor Academy and R & D Labs, candidate of biological Sciences, associate Professor of human and animal physiology ESC "Institute of biology" of Kyiv national University them. Shevchenko, member of the Ukrainian physiological society and the society of neuroscience of Ukraine, member of the Federation of European societies of neuroscience (FENS), popularizer of science. The cost for one student: the provisional standard ( 3 Oct) – 250 UAH, standard (4 October to 14 October) – 350 UAH, the day of the event — 550 UAH. The cost for the two listeners: preliminary standard ( until 3 October) – 400 UAH, standard (4 October to 14 October) – 600, the day of the event — 800 UAH. Come learn about the components of success from the point of view of science. See you at the Terminal 42!

The poster of the event — Neuroscience of personality: success factor in Co-working center "Terminal 42"