The events in Odessa at 11 October 2019

Boris Burda – Olexa Rozum and Elizabeth Romanova

11 October 2019, 18:30
category: lecture
150 UAH
place: Gallery of modern art "Invogue" (St. Catherine's, 25)

On Friday, 11 October at 18:30 #InvogueEducation @Boris Burda talk about Oleksa Resume and Elizaveta Romanova and about their relationship, which is shrouded in many mysteries. The daughter of Peter I, Princess Elizabeth — "merry girl," beauty and fashionista, in my youth, it seemed to many "revived Peter, for the fun of wearing women's clothes." At the same time the future Empress was predicted "terrible and glorious" the way in which, perhaps, will save her angel. And the prediction came true. That angel was the Ukrainian Bandurist Olexa Rozum — the future count and Chamberlain Alexei Razumovsky. At the same time Razumovsky remained humble, pious man, tried not to interfere in the court intrigues and to stay away from politics. To his rapid elevation, he treated with humor and sometimes, when he was drunk or on the hunt, showed a violent temper. What was the fate of "secret husband" the Empress and what consequences resulted in this marriage? Find out very soon! Participation fee: 150 UAH; Details by phone: +38(068)912 69 51. Address: St. Catherine, 25 (1 floor, gallery Invogue#ART, entrance from Greek street). See you soon!

The poster of the event — Boris Burda – Olexa Rozum and Elizabeth Romanova in Gallery of modern art "Invogue"