The events in Odessa at 11 October 2019

Fima Chupakhin (NY) & Dima Bondarev

11 October 2019, 18:00
category: concert
place: Jazz club "Perron №7" (Malaya Arnautskaya St., 56)

Feel the pulse of the jazz capital of the world at the concert one of the most prominent jazz pianists of the contemporary new York scene Yefim Chupakhin. On the evening Just imagine... a chamber hall with perfect acoustics, soft sofas, a white piano, dim lights, not a drop of sound, not a single noise... Only You, piano fingers, touch on the keyboard and magic trumpet. Everything that You do not just hear music, but feel it with every cell of the skin. Closing his eyes and plunging into a whirlpool of melodies and rhythms to lose track of time and only an hour later to find himself in the interval with a glass of easy cocktail... Such an atmosphere is waiting for you on 11 October (Friday) at the presentation of the new album world famous jazz pianist Yefim Chupakhin "Water" in a jazz club Perron №7. About the musicians Yefim Chupakhin (piano) — resident of Brooklyn (2015), the ideological successor to Charlie Parker, Bud Pavella, and Thelonious monk. A graduate of William Paterson University of New Jersey, he studied under the legendary Mulgrew Miller (pianist Art Blackey''s Jazz Messengers). As a musician, Chupakhin known not only among jazz fans. Behind him and a Duo with Sviatoslav Vakarchuk, with whom they recently performed at Stanford University, and jazz projects with Jamala, the Kuzma Skryabin. Nino Katamadze calling him on stage during their performances in America, and Sergey Babkin invites all tours. And Chupakhin — founder of "AQ" (Acoustic Quartet), perhaps one of the most famous and influential Ukrainian jazz formations. For Efim the reputation of "quality mark" of jazz. He is a frequent guest Nu Blue, Rockwood Music Hall, Le Poisson Rouge, Pianos, - mezzrow-mean and other religious clubs in new York. The concert premiere of the album "Water" will be held with participation of the famous Berlin jazz trumpeter Dmitriy Bondaryev (also a native of Ukraine), a graduate of the prestigious Jazz Institute Berlin, a pupil of Gerard Presencer, Tom Arthurs, Martin Auer and John Hollenbeck. Find the best places right now and we'll get you tickets to anywhere in the city:

The poster of the event — Fima Chupakhin (NY) & Dima Bondarev in Jazz club "Perron №7"