The events in Odessa at 12 October 2019

The basics of profiling. Basic course

12 October 2019, 10:00
category: the courses
2800 UAH
place: Space, creativity and development "Clock" (St. Pasteur, 56)

FAMILIARITY WITH PROFILING. BASIC COURSE. From the co-founders of the "school of Profiling": Sergey Matiushonok Larisa Kirillova If you've always wanted to learn how to understand people, then come to our two-day course. Profiling and behavioral analysis, as a movie about the FBI a set of techniques for assessment and prediction of human behavior. THE FIRST DAY 12 Oct 10:00 - 16:00. MK "Archetypes and Shadows" Archetypes according to Jung You will learn: — at what stage of development is the identity of the person; — how to determine the values and motivations of the interlocutor; — how to predict its behavior and actions. — how to identify "shadow", hidden part of man; — how to adjust their behavior to build a successful communication. Profiling gives you the ability to successfully communicate, motivate and speak in his language. THE SECOND DAY 13 Oct 10:00 - 16:00 MK "personality Typology - the characters and their combinations" You will learn: — 7 basic types of character combinations; — properties of each type of character; — the strengths and weaknesses of the radical; — the peculiarities of human behavior. WHERE? Location: Ave Louis Pasteur, 56, Odessa The cost of the basic course (12 hours): 2800 UAH. HOW TO REGISTER FOR A COURSE? The coordinator of the project: Irene Stamati (Irina Stamati) - it is possible to write or call 050 333 48 48

The poster of the event — The basics of profiling. Basic course in Space, creativity and development "Clock"