The events in Odessa at 12 October 2019

Vidkritiy 5km Odessa Odessa runday! / Free 5km run

12 October 2019, 08:30
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* English Below *              runday - all national sport and volunteer activities: take 1 mile of people, regularly run 5 mile walks.              Odessa runday - the price of 5 km for the most secure and the most environment-friendly locations in Odessa. For the sake of making big friends, getting to know more active athletes, getting to know more, come to know more, come in to know a trenuval club at your neighborhood and have fun at a friendly company. If you don’t have to talk about something, think that you can volunteer for help: wait an hour, scan the participants, give out tokens, take photos to warm up / hitch, runday is a great social project, so get on! (more about volunteering:              Too, feel free to see the mi of miracles at the entrance to the Shevchenko park.       Know yourselves, timidly a group warm-up and that 5 km! An hour of skin finisher fiksuєmo and wikladaєmo on In addition, we have a great deal of personal experience, and even better, if the participants signify themselves on friends, friends and friends ...              Mi bіgaєmo for any weather minds! Our come in, we didn’t endure ...              It’s easy to get a blow:       - register free of charge at (only 1 time for all missed calls, navigated to foreign locations)       - Don’t ignore the weather, adjust your chi on zhodnі obmezhennya shodo vіku any sports form ...- at once to the point of zboru (location on Google maps              Calling list:              Kvіten - Zhovten:              8:30 - zbіr rozminka       9:00 - start zabigu       9:40 - hitch              Leaf fall - Birch:              9:30 - zbіr rozminka       10:00 - start zabigu       10:40 - hitch              Come, ask friends and relatives. For novachkiv - registration on       Obov'yazkovo ☝️ for participation in taking a QR code from you.              Zrobimo Odessa healthy at once !!!              Repeatedly describe the entry, the map and contact information is available here:              runday runners Facebook group       runday volunteers Facebook group              -----------------------              [EN] Run with us every Saturday!              Free timed running events, every week in Odessa.              runday is a national community of runners and volunteers with a single mission: to have 1 million people regularly running or walking 5km.              How to Participate:              Register at http:       Print and save your unique QR code       Join any of our events and run              It’s that simple!              Races start:              April - October:       8:30 - meet       8:45 - warm up       9:00 - start       9:40 - warm down              November - March:       9:30 - meet9:45 - warm up       10:00 - start       10:40 - warm down              Full details, a course map and contact info is available here:              If you would like to help runday as a volunteer, please add your details here:       Smaller

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