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Training in body-oriented therapy

10 October 2019, 10:00
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We all had a childhood, and it was different. Not to say that someone was happier than the other. Each of us received the experience and use it in adult life. The program is based on the system Biodinamica, but includes the author's package of techniques to exercise. Program description The program is for those who want: to grow, to learn, to work out its own needs, not afraid to meet with the changes and wants to move forward, enjoying life! (Psychologists, teachers, people interested in self-development, professionals working with the body and just those who are very curious!) Module 1. The first module focuses on the familiarity with very early period of our lives. From the moment of conception, external environment, and particularly maternal state affects what we come into this world. As our appearance, birth and the first three months of life affect our lives today. Topics of the module: • The history of our conception. Here, in this moment, formed the first stage of the life script. And it has different names: "You're welcome(at) on this earth", "We're waiting for you love", "I don't want you to live" "I'm the face in order to....". • The formation of borders in utero and subsequent development. The importance and necessity of the function of boundaries in building relationships and their feature. Borders are not limits! • Features of birth, and what is the psychological function of are ways the birth of the child. • Birth injury and its consequences. • Attachment and co-dependency what is the difference? • Grounding and why it is needed. • What does a baby need in the first three months of his life. A special state of perception of reality. • As the first period of our existence influences the characteristics of our nature in adulthood. Who are we? Quiet philosophers and thinkers or full of life and energy emotional? Also, the module includes a large number of bodily practices, through which participants will be able to study topics early age of existence, parent-child relationships and go through an exercise in which the muscles are involved including the child in labor, the so-called "Rebirth". Module 2. The second module focuses on the study of our development ages 1 months – 2.5 years. It's time to pay attention to their needs and hear their true impulses. Like something we did not get in childhood, affects what we are trying to compensate for now, eating or drinking your emotions. For what reasons we are moving away from contact and how to support yourself when you feel fear? Why we want a Mature relationship and why we find it difficult to build them? Topics of the module: • As the unmet needs of the child affects the subsequent formation of character, namely eating disorders, bad habits, ability to adapt, the low threshold of stress tolerance. • Status reason of loneliness and merge in the relationship. Why do we lose ourselves? • Trauma of abandonment and how to work with it in a bodily approach. • The problem of letting go, farewell and forgiveness. How to work with these injuries? • Working with narcissistic injury in biodynamiska approach. • Self-worth and self-esteem. How to assign yourself? • Trauma of betrayal and how to stop "stepping on the same rake". • Fear of change and how to work with it. • The flight from intimacy. How to stay in emotional contact. * Many body practices and tools to study their peculiarities of character and of work with clients (for psychologists and psychotherapists, psychiatrists) Module 3. The third module focuses on the study of the development period from 2 to 6 years. The "fun" age for parents and painful for children and determining one of the leading styles of behavior in our culture. Topics of the module. • Psychology of the victim. The reasons for shifting responsibility for their lives. • Punishment and their consequences. • How to work with guilt. • The reasons for the manipulation of victimhood. How to learn to identify them and understand. • Expression of different emotions in all their force, without fear of rejection. • Choice problem. How to learn to choose and to accept the consequences of choice. • How to work with the inner judgmental critic. Work with depreciation. Fear of evaluation. • Switching from the world of fantasy into reality. • Belonging to the sex and role-playing aspects. The balance of male and female. • A ban on sexuality. Psychosomatic consequences. • Psychological infertility as a consequence of a rejection of sexuality and sex of the child. How to meet a child's sexuality. • The consequences of sexual violence. • How to open your heart without fear that it will take away or break. * Many body practices and tools to study their peculiarities of character and of work with clients (for psychologists and psychotherapists, psychiatrists). Module 4. The final module of this program focuses on the study of the ages of 5 and 12 years. Injuries in this age, in most cases, this injury in a group. School and being in children's collective often "made a lasting impression on us". Topics of the module. • Problems presenting themselves to the group. Fear of speeches. • Express their opinions without fear of being excluded from the group. • How to separate opinion from evaluation? • Invalid actions parents "kill" their own opinion kids. • The cruelty of a group of children and its consequences. • How do we establish relationships in the group. • Social status and behavior. • How to solve conflicts. • How to take their place in the group. • Group dynamics and peculiarities of work with the group. • Features of adolescence. Injury in the group studied in the context of relationships in the group! And that is all we are working on the fourth and final module! In the process of training, provided practical work with real "live" customer ;))) Author and presenter of the program: Chertkov Victoria - master of psychology, a specialist in working with shock trauma and PTSD, physical therapist, art therapist, leading author of training programs and workshops, individual and group counseling, coach Karmalogic. The format of the program - 4 modules every 2 months: Thursday-Sunday 10:00-19:00 Schedule Odessa Module 1 – 10-13 October 2019 2 module – 5-8 Dec 2019 Module 3 – 6-9 Feb 2020 4 module – 2 to 5 April 2020 For those who had pre-paid before July 15, the cost of the modules is (3900 and 5500) If the prepayment is made before September 1, the cost of the modules (4500 and 6100) If the prepayment is made after September 1 and prior to day of class (4700 and 6300) For participation in the project requires the Deposit of 1000 UAH, which remains to the last module. ATTENTION! Prepayment will not be returned. CHECK the LINK Phone organizer +380503169292 Valeria

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