The events in Odessa at 10 October 2019

Mental Health and Prevention Suicide

10 October 2019, 11:00
category: the conference
place: Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky (St. Trinity, 49/51)

Extensive mental health care in Ukraine and Ukraine. Later, until 2030, the rooku of psychic seizure to enter the first place in the aspect of economic vitrates.              At that hour, since there was a great deal of mental harmony є all of a kind became magnitude, (кх к к всесть всесть все все все все все все все все все всеєєєєєєєєєєєєєєєєє ал ал,,, розх,, розлала розлала розлалалалала гра border (boundary) spectrum деп депресресресрес м м м м б би б биииииинаиии д д динаve дина динаинаєєинаинаинаинаєєєєєєєєєє course onto all the Timeline & є & рост & quot;       In the minds of aggression, great number of internally displaced persons, most of all they suffered from supernormal situations, the number of people, as well as infringement of mental disturbances and illnesses are periodically critical. All the problems of social and social problems, often tragic, secrecy, in the presence of suicide.              For more information and problems, speak at the science - practical conference 10 lives, at the same time, all parties              Zahid organized by the Odessa Institute of Mental Health.              Requested lіkarі, psychіatri, psychotherapist, sіmaynі lіkarі, psychologists, social practitioners, teachers, students

The poster of the event — Mental Health and Prevention Suicide in Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky