The events in Odessa at 15 October 2019

Book Valery Fingers "UNSO: the first whistle of the bullets"

15 October 2019, 17:30
category: presentation
place: Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky (St. Trinity, 49/51)

To the Day of Defender of Ukraine in the Odessa regional library. Hrushevskoho will be a presentation of a unique book by Valery Fingers (Ukrainian volunteer party military expeditions UNSO in Transnistria, Georgia and the ongoing war in Eastern Ukraine) dedicated to the 1992 war on the ethnic Ukrainian lands - Transnistria and the participation of Ukrainian volunteers from the UNSO . "This is a story that should be remembered every Ukrainian who is committed to the strengthening and development of the Ukrainian state. It's about those who became at the origins of the volunteer military movement of modern formation. In the historical situation of the early 90s, these people have taken on the responsibility to protect the national interests of the state, which has recently risen from the ruins of totalitarianism. Restoring sovereignty, Ukrainians had to fight for the unity of the state. And these volunteers made in the forefront of the struggle. Ukrainians in Transnistria have been betrayed and abandoned by the official Ukrainian government, but to protect them were fighters of UNSO" - says the author of the publication. Don't miss the opportunity to expand their knowledge about little known to the General public, the episode of the Ukrainian military valor!

The poster of the event — Book Valery Fingers "UNSO: the first whistle of the bullets" in Odessa regional scientific library. M. Hrushevsky