The events in Odessa at 10 October 2019

Psychological gatherings with the Association "Psyche"

10 October 2019, 15:00
category: seminar/training
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Association "Psyche" (Armeiskaya St., 23) invites you to a whole month of open doors! - to get acquainted with psychological projects.        The program includes: seminars, workshops, psychological clubs for those who are interested in psychology, development, improving interpersonal relationships, quality of life!              Registration for events is required! Or here, or by phone:, viber 0667262064       Stay tuned for updates in the event, the program will be replenished!              First one:            11.10       Colombet Inna: "Trauma and the Power of Healing"              “IAC - Metaphorical Associative Cards, in Psychology.       Presenter: Tatyana Ulyanova       "Psychosomatics"       Presenter - Shpatakovskaya Gertruda              "Art therapy in psychological counseling" - art therapy techniques to enhance professional competence       Presenter - Rebrova Katerina - art therapist, psychologist, head of the Odessa branch of the art therapy association of Ukraine, Volunteer Psychological Service              Seminar of Wanda Buganova:       Ecofasilitation: the meaning and benefits              Registration for events is required! Schedule changes are possible.       Or here, or by phone:       0667262064 Gertrude (viber)       Admission is free (free donation)              Add to the event, and we will be in touch!        Free admission (info support)       Add to the event, and we will be in touch!       And I will be very glad to repost, invitations, for those who do not know us yet, but it looks like we can be interesting for new friends))))And also I invite you to join us in a group in vibe, where we put up all the announcements of our events.

The poster of the event — Psychological gatherings with the Association "Psyche" in Location