The events in Odessa at 20 November 2019

Perinatal Psychology. Distance course

20 November 2019, 19:00
category: online
from 2600 to 3300 UAH
place: Educational-psychological Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo" (Prince St., 38; office 405)

Educational and Advisory Psychological Center "Commonwealth"       supported by       Ukrainian Association of Existential Psychology and Psychotherapy       The program "Psychological Workshop"       Certified course "Perinatal Psychology", distance course       held year-round online on an individual program        for doctors, psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers, social workers, students of these professions, as well as other specialists of assisting professions.              Prenatal and perinatal psychology (dr. Greek. Peri - about, lat. Natalis - relating to birth) - the science of the mental and psychological life of an unborn child or just born. A field of knowledge that studies the circumstances and patterns of human development in the early stages: prenatal (antenatal), perinatal (intranatal) and neonatal (postnatal) phases of development, and their impact on all subsequent life; one of the sections of perinatology.       The program includes 20 hours of seminar videos and one individual academic hour of work with the author of the course, with which you can discuss topics of interest to you and ask questions.       You will improve the quality of your personal life and get an arsenal of knowledge, techniques and techniques for working with clients.       Program author: Galitskaya Marianna Aleksandrovna - candidate of psychological sciences, personality-oriented psychotherapist, perinatal psychologist, sexologist. Member of the Ukrainian Union of Psychotherapists.       Topics covered1. Methodological foundations, the history of the development of perinatal psychology       2. Psychology of motherhood and parenthood       3. Psychology of pregnancy and the postpartum period. Symbiosis "mother-child"       4. Psychophysiological aspects of childbirth. Psychological features after cop       5. Applied aspects and problems of perinatal psychology:       6. Psychological assistance in motherhood       7. Work with perinatal losses       8. Professional competencies of the perinatal psychologist. Perinatal ethics       What will the program participants receive:       - A tool for working with clients in training, counseling and psychotherapy;       - Analysis of already known situations from the practice of the author of the program and the participants themselves;       - certificate, graduates will receive an additional certificate of professional development.              Distance course cost 2600 UAH       The cost of the course with an exam and certification is 3300 UAH       Contact phones: (Viber, WhatsAp, Telegram) +38 0637082402 Office.       Email:

The poster of the event — Perinatal Psychology. Distance course in Educational-psychological Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo"