The events in Odessa at 20 November 2019

Baking & Desserts / Cheesecake & Cheesecakes

20 November 2019, 10:00
category: master class
place: Gastroclub "Kitchen" (Tiraspolskaya St., 4)

Morning is never good?       Just not in our Kitchen!)))       Now every Wednesday from 10:00 to 13:00 we will gather in the Kitchen to drink a cup of coffee and enjoy a variety of pastries, which we will prepare under the guidance of the chief baker, confectioner Natalya Domoradova.       While your children are at school or kindergarten, you can have a wonderful and tasty time!)))       We are waiting for you in the Kitchen!))) 珞❤泌說不 When you feel the aroma of baking - you are happy!))  The program is here ..... See you in the Kitchen!)) 珞❤       11/13. First bread: 說Kefir bread 說Focaccia with Cherry (+ pizza) 說Pampushki with garlic 說 Custard rolls with apple       11/20. Cheesecake & Cheese Pies: 不 New York Cheesecake 不M hemispherical raspberry cheesecake 不Balkan cheese cake 不 Filo pastry baskets with feta, cottage cheese and spinach       11/27. Meringues and meringues: 療 Chocolate meringues 療Cookies "Pavlova" 療 Meringue roll 療 Kiev NEW cake       O4.12 Favorite pies: 葉 Fruit galette + with vegetables 葉Pie with mushrooms and chicken (quiche) 葉Tart Taten with apples + tart Taten vegetable (or sour cream-nut pie)       12.12. Chocolate:  Chocolate custard cakes with raspberries (or chocolate fondant + ice cream)  Brownie Brownies  Truffles  Chocolate Cake       12/18. Christmas baking: Christmas Cupcake Zavivanets with nuts  Gingerbread men  Gingerbread cookie We bake on Wednesdays from 10:00 to 13:30 We are waiting for you in the Kitchen!)) 珞❤ Record in direct or by phone 0956580225 Limited number of seats)

The poster of the event — Baking & Desserts / Cheesecake & Cheesecakes in Gastroclub "Kitchen"