The events in Odessa at 20 November 2019

Managing emotions / regular occupation Mindspot

20 November 2019, 12:00
category: seminar/training
200 UAH
place: The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot" (Nechipurenko pereulok, 4 (floor 7))

You often are doing something under the influence of emotions and then regret about it? Or do you lack self-control, balance and ability "to recover" in difficult situations? Managing emotions is not only the ability to recognize your emotions in the moment you experience them, but also the ability to regulate their emotional state. Although emotions can take over and influence our behavior, we can learn to balance themselves and use their energy in order to live more fully and to act more freely and productivity. Classes managing emotions by certified instructors Mindspot: Anna Volkomer, Alena Stupina, Ekaterina Ilchenko, Elena Gordienko, Vitali Morozov, Anastasia Martynenko. Read more about the instructors  Regular group session "Managing emotions" are held every Wednesday at 12:00  Where: Center for the practice of mindfulness Mindspot, Nechipurenko pereulok, 4, 7-th floor  The cost of classes: 200 UAH  To buy a ticket:   Registration is required, space is limited, it is important for us to know in advance the number of participants to prepare a place for practice. If you have a certificate or a subscription to Mindspot, lesson of Bodily awareness is counted as one of the regular classes at the center Mindspot. To purchase a pass for group classes at Mindspot: If you have any questions – please email +38 048 788 87 17,

The poster of the event — Managing emotions / regular occupation Mindspot in The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot"