The events in Odessa at 20 November 2019

Business owner time management

20 November 2019, 13:00
category: seminar/training
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 NOVEMBER 20 - MEETING KMB PREMIUM!               TOPIC: “Time management of a business owner!”               November 20, Wednesday        13:00 - 18:00        Mayachny lane 15, restaurant YUG              We will figure out what role time management plays for a business owner and what opportunities a reasonable time management opens up.       As a result of the event, you will learn the basic functions of a business owner and how their implementation using time management will allow you to find time for everything that is important to you and realize your ideas and plans that cost millions!               WHO IS OUR SPEAKER?       Lyudmila Bogush Lyudmila Bogush-Dhand - Author of Pri-Integral time management technology. Efficiency Expert. The author of the BogushBuk planner and the owner of the BogushTime system training company.               TALK ABOUT:       - How, with the help of time management, you can manage your goals;       - How to align personal plans with business goals;       - How to cope with distractions and stress at work;       - How to captivate other people with your ideas;       - How to find time for new projects;       - How to stop dealing with current issues and problems, and begin to implement strategic plans!               WHAT ELSE IS WAITING FOR YOU:       - Quick business meetings at round tables;       - Analysis of business cases of participants;       - Coffee break and business networking during the break.               PARTICIPATION:       - For owners of club cards "KMB Premium" - FOR FREE!- Without the KMB Premium club card, you can attend a maximum of one closed club event if you are eligible.       Conditions: only for business owners and CEOs whose companies have a minimum of 1 year in the market.       More about club cards:               REGISTRATION:       +380671230047 |

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