The events in Odessa at 20 November 2019

Psychiatry and neuroscience. Distance learning course

20 November 2019, 19:00
category: online
from 3500 to 4300 UAH
place: Educational-psychological Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo" (Prince St., 38; office 405)

Ukrainian Association of existential psychology and psychotherapy with the support of educational counselling psychological center Sodruzhestvo remote online training course for psychologists, social workers, teachers, doctors and students of corresponding specialties Public awareness and education project Neurology and psychiatry for psychologists and psychotherapists /66 hours/ Psychiatry /61 hours, including 40 hours self-work/ Psychiatry (from al-Greek. ψυχή — "the spirit", "soul", "consciousness", "nature"; + al-Greek. ἰατρεία "cure", "correction", followed by a ἰατρός "the doctor") — the branch of clinical medicine dealing with mental disorders through the prism of the methodology in medicine, methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment. This term means a mixture of public and accredited non-state institutions, in some countries eligible for involuntary isolation of individuals, represents a potential danger to themselves or to others. Author and presenter of the course: Medico Andrey Anatolievich, doctor - psychiatrist, psychotherapist, 25 years of clinical practice. Author and co-author more than 20 scientific papers and one monograph. The sphere of professional and research interests: suicidal behavior, psychotherapy in post-traumatic disorders. Engaged in private psychiatric and psychotherapeutic practice (Odessa, Ukraine). The course program 1 part. Philosophical and methodological foundations of psychiatric taxonomy. General psychopathology. Video lecture -4 Acad. hours Part 2. Psychotic and affective disorders. Phenomenology and symptomatology, clinical forms. Video lecture -4 Acad. hours Part 3. Neurotic, stress-related, somatoform disorder. Video lecture -4 Acad. hours Part 4. Personality disorder. Classification and systematics . Borderline and narcissistic personality disorder. Video lecture -4 Acad. hours Part of the 5 essential psychopharmacology. The major classes of psychotropic substances and rules of their use in clinical practice. Video lecture -4 Acad. hours Online –seminar with the author of the program, Medico AA - 45 min /You'll be able to ask questions, discuss topics that interest You / Neuroscience for psychologists and psychotherapists /5 hours/ Moderator: Sergei Franciskovic fernández de Rives, doctor –neurologist of the highest category, candidate of medical Sciences, medical home Odrex /Odessa, Ukraine/ Neurology (from al-Greek. νεῦρον — nerve, and λόγος — science; "the science of the nerves") is a group of biomedical scientific disciplines that studies the nervous system in norm and in pathology. Concerned with diseases of the Central and peripheral parts of the nervous system, and also examines the mechanisms of their development, symptoms and possible methods of diagnosis, treatment and prevention. There is a perception that neuroscience is based on the assumption that the nervous system that functions automatically in accordance with the known laws of physics and chemistry, determines all the symptoms normally attributed to the mind of the individual. In psychology there is a similar tendency to reduce the subject to the obvious relations of measurable quantities; these relations are always, in essence, can be attributed to the operation of mechanical systems. In this regard, the question arises whether it is possible from the standpoint of logical analysis of the machine is defined through its use, to make the images of the mind of the individual neurological (or similar psychological) model. To answer this question, it is necessary to take into account the obvious distinction between automatic neurological model and the machine used for the solution of intellectual tasks. This difference lies in the fact that the neurological model is used to achieve the objectives of the neurologist; it is used for the purposes attributed by the neurologist that the subject whose mind it represents. In psychology and psychotherapy we are often faced with adjustment problems in children and adults with attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, epilepsy, neuroses and neurosis-like States, vegetative –vascular dysfunction, and many others. Unique mini-course for psychologists and psychotherapists will open new horizons in practical work. The cost of the distance course is$ 130 /3500 UAH/ The cost of the course with exam and certification 160$ /4300 UAH The beginning of training year-round, after payment. A certificate of qualification of the Ukrainian Association of existential psychology and psychotherapy. Contact phone: (viber social networks, wasap, telegram) +380637082402 Elena; Email:

The poster of the event — Psychiatry and neuroscience. Distance learning course in Educational-psychological Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo"