The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

Transformational the game the "silk road"

18 January 2020, 15:00
category: seminar/training
600 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

For centuries travelers and merchants walked along the silk road. And each found in it something of their own. Someone gained wealth and fame, someone learned the Truth, and someone found her Lover and his happiness. If you want to change your personal life, to meet his fate or to increase capital and to develop business or to solve the problems of destiny, to find new meanings in the familiar? Game will help to answer these questions, and to feel the inspiration for the accomplishment of desires, make important discoveries, to understand the meaning. The Path Of A Princess, The Way Of The Monk, Path Of The Merchant. The game will tell you what path you will be successful. Silk road – the game is not intellectual and not analytical. This game is meditation, the game-listening songs of the sand, the game-scrutinizing the night sky. We will ask questions and look for answers in his soul, in the summer grass, in the brooding clouds, and night whispers. Everyone will move at their own pace, and share only the fact, the want – feelings, questions, and answers, with their songs and wisdom. In the Game, as in life, the oases and the wells of life-giving water, sandstorms and thieves, wise men and monks, magic and reality... There you are waiting for your goal or dream. Just have to go through this unusual journey and open your heart to him. THE AIM OF THE GAME: - to obtain a comprehensive vision of interest situation; - to identify possible solutions. If you fail to find the answer, you will move in your question. - be aware of your resources, what you are given at the beginning of the situation (in the beginning), what you get in the middle of the movement and what the complete situation (path); - be aware of all barriers that exist and interfere in the implementation of the desire, shows you how to develop all further events. AFTER THE GAME YOU WILL GET: - a new look at the situation; - reveal your inner potential; - aware of their resources; - realize that you interfere; The result of the game may cause, the participant will understand the error of his intentions and then be able to change it to then in my life to get what he really needs. HOW THE GAME WORKS "SILK ROAD": Each player enters the game with a specific request, which is verified by Chinese Oracle, get a clue from the Chinese Book of Changes I-Ching (the energy map of the situation). In a way answers the questions of customs (obstacle beginning, middle and end of the Path), met with a hidden resource, get tips from Eastern sages (Japanese haiku and not only!) and writes his history of the silk Road. Chamber format: 4-8 participants. LEADING GAMES: Mukhlynina Lyudmila analytical psychologist. LOCATION: ul. Queen 92-a, of.319 Questions and registration: Ludmilla (097) 550 96 03 PRICE: 600 UAH. I invite you to journey along the Great silk Road! #chalcopyrites #grapegrower #доманалитическойпсихологиидиалоги #lдушевныевстречи

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