The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020


18 January 2020, 13:00
category: for children
from 100 to 150 UAH
place: Puppet theatre (street Pasteur, 15)

Thumbelina (on motives of the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen) Duration – 50 minutes For children 4+ Director – Inna Rudy Artistic Director – honored.artist Svetlana Prokofiev Choreographer – Oleg Gusarenko Music – honored. artist Sergey Zolotarev Actors and performers: Thumbelina, Female – Angelina Smiyan Alexander Mirkin The Witch, Toad, Mouse, Iucaa, Fish – Irina Yatsyuk, Evgenia Glukhov, T. Archer The 1st wood-Goblin, the Son of a toad, a beetle, a Mole, a novel Goose, Vadim Gorbanev 2nd lesovichok, Violinist, Swallow, Cancer, Butterfly, Elf – Andrey Kuleshov, Alexander Bogdanovich Almost every home the parents read the children a story about a little Thumbelina, which the Toad wanted to marry his son, a field Mouse for greedy neighbor, the Mole, the beetle tried to marry her, and Swallow took her to the country of flowers... In the play "Thumbelina" little viewers will learn about the vast world of magical adventures and travels that befell the main character and will see how the purity, trustfulness, kindness, pursuit of beauty help Thumbelina to overcome all obstacles, and bring her to the country of flowers and magic, i.e. to happiness!

The poster of the event — Thumbelina in Puppet theatre