The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

Andrey Makarevich. Personal exhibition of graphics

18 January 2020, 11:00
category: exhibition
40 UAH
place: Museum of Western and Oriental art (Pushkinskaya str., 9)

“I'm not a musician who paints, but an artist who makes music”       Andrey Makarevich              Odessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art presents a personal exhibition of Andrei Makarevich's graphics, which will be held from December 7, 2019 to January 27, 2020 in the exhibition space of the Ragtime2.0 Museum              For the general public, the surname Makarevich, of course, is associated with the legendary group “Time Machine”, hymns of generations and personal experience of experiences, discoveries and events, lived under the composition of the permanent leader of the famous music collective.              Today, the Odessa audience has the opportunity to discover the "familiar and close" Andrei Makarevich from a completely different perspective, perhaps much more personal and intimate, but no less deep and significant. Being the son of an artist-architect, from an early age the author was in very close contact with ink, pen and pencil. The practical development of the drawing, the intricacies of building the composition, the principles of proportionality and other skills needed by the graphic artist went hand in hand with the development of an exquisite sense of taste. This knowledge was easily and effortlessly transmitted to the young AM by his father, Vadim Makarevich, whose inner tuning fork, according to the author, was tuned perfectly, which means that he was tuned to beauty.In 1977, Andrei Makarevich graduated from an architectural university, becoming a professional graphic artist and architect, and even having some time to work on the design of theater buildings and spectacular structures. A few years later, tremendous success in the field of the rock scene excluded Makarevich from working in a state-owned enterprise, but could not suppress a passionate and enthusiastic art class. To this day, AM gently and loyally serves one of the most lyrical, thoughtful and sophisticated forms of art, not making mistakes and linear questions “what is this?”, But always asking “how is it?”.              The exhibition features 36 graphic works of different years, different series and made in various techniques. The series "Female Portraits" is the most full-bodied. She presents images of strangers immersed in her own world. The author allegedly sneaks a lightning moment at a unique moment, conveying the impossibility and falsity of any interpretations of the moods or characters of the models. Respect, love and quiet admiration for the unique personality of inconnu portrayed by the author broadcasts to his thoughtful viewer. The range of emotional stress in the works of this series can be an illustration of the author’s approach to the choice of plot. It is possible that the plot is just an excuse for transmitting one’s own state or memory.A series of works with the image of musicians lives with sounds literally from the inside. Like frets of harmonic tonality, the figure of musicians is bordered by the aura of pastel accents. The level of their expression, scope and frequency of laying, like musical thirds, convey the mood and even the character of the characters, although their figures are captured literally in a few strokes.              Particularly noteworthy are work with the introduction of open red. Such contrast intensifies atmosphericity and raises the emotional level of narrative to the limit, adding depth to a planar image.              AM is also known for his love of the animal genre. The exhibition exhibits several works from the series “Dogs” and “Fishes”. They are diverse in terms of both their performance technique and presentation method: in part, these are sketches of a naturalist immersed in the warm waters of the southern seas for research purposes (AM has been seriously engaged in diving for a long time), and sometimes these are “faunal portraits” with an introduced and individual character of the portrayed.              The graphic world of Andrei Makarevich is surprisingly diverse, subtle and sophisticated. Some of the images embodied in his works echo the aesthetics of Antoine Watteau, Pablo Picasso, Oleg Sokolov. Such a chronological and geographical synthesis only emphasizes the main rule for the artist Makarevich: the primacy of the collaboration of craftsmanship and the principles of aesthetics. For any time and any kind of art. To be an art.                     Solo exhibition of graphics by Andrei MakarevichOdessa Museum of Western and Eastern Art       Exhibition Space Ragtime2.0       From December 7, 2019 to January 27, 2020       Daily (except Wednesday)       Ticket 40 UAH       From 11:00 to 17:00       Pushkinskaya, 9              Exhibition curators       Ekaterina Miheytseva       Yana Lande              #we_art_museum       # ragtime2       # andreymakarevich

The poster of the event — Andrey Makarevich. Personal exhibition of graphics in Museum of Western and Oriental art