The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

Initial technical modeling

18 January 2020, 16:00
category: for children
place: The art space "Siniy Crab" (Primorskaya street 42)

Initial technical modeling is the construction of models of technical objects from silhouette to three-dimensional, from the self – inertia of electrified to the graphic image according to the plan, using the various material and tool. The relevance of workshops and courses system is that modeling classes help to expand and consolidate the knowledge of basic Sciences obtained in secondary school – mathematics, physics, technical drawing, technology, drawing. Technical writing in the engineering Studio of the Center for creative arts "Blue crab" contribute to the development of modelling skills, design and invention. Children learn technical drawing, graphic preparation, konstruktorno-process documentation, samorazvitie, study technology of work with tools, materials, fixtures, machine tools and incorporate these skills to the norms of social life. To explore the syllabus as a whole periodically conducted master classes, where everyone can get acquainted with the basics of technical modeling, to try their hand at scientific and technical art form. Within two sessions at two hours and thirty minutes each, participants will create: a model of the balsa raft "Kon Tiki" on which the Tour Heerdal in 1969 crossed the Atlantic;or radio controlled model sailing yachts "Dragon" (65 inches) which you can take part in national and international competitions; or model off-road car radio control for future participation in poster competition (trial - overcoming obstacles). As a result, participants get basic knowledge of the history of navigation or automotive industry, get acquainted with the basics of marine or auto business, will learn to perform the drawing of theoretical models, acquire (or improve) a skill to operate the tools used in modelsteenie. And, the most important is the stimulation and development needs in the creative activities, in the pursuit of self-expression through technical creativity, development of Polytechnic performance, broaden their horizons, the development of communication skills, ability to work in team, aspiration to understand the design of technical objects and the desire to do models of these objects. The classes are: Timur Kulibaev - multiple champion of Ukraine and international competitions in ship modeling; Dmitry Akelin - yacht captain, a Reconstructor of history of navigation; Ciplin Cyril - party automotive trophy-raids, referee 1 categories on auto-Moto-tourism.

The poster of the event — Initial technical modeling in The art space "Siniy Crab"