The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020


18 January 2020, 12:00
category: seminar/training
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JANUARY 18, ODESSA              12:00              WORKSHOP WORKSHOP - ACQUAINTANCE WITH MINDFULNESS              PARTICIPATION WITHOUT PAYMENT              Acquaintance with simple exercises that help to quickly remove emotional and physical stress, strengthen psychological and physiological health.              WORKSHOP PROGRAM:              - basic concepts of mindfulness;       - mindfulness and human health;       - exercise - mental relaxation;       - exercise - bodily relaxation;       - exercise - letting go of inner suffering;       - exercise - finding an internal resource;              ONLINE PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED:           or by phone:       +38 093 727 387 (WhatsApp, Viber)              Simple meditative exercises make it possible to enter a state of relaxation and internal balance, are a kind of anti-stress therapy, relieve physical and psychological stress, and also strengthen the immune system, which is very important in the winter-spring period.              Mindfulness is a science-based approach that has been used for 30 years and has been widely used in the United States and Europe as a clinical and preventive stress management method recognized by insurance companies.              Mindfulness is outside of religion and outside of politics. It is accessible to people of any age, profession and level of health and unites them on the path to happiness and personal growth.We are waiting for you at the open workshop “Mindfulness for Beginners” in Odessa, conducted by - Ian Kozlov: in the practice of Mindfulness (MRTE) since 2015, a certified trainer-teacher of Mindfulness Therapy (MRTE), Master of Psychology, practicing and a training psychologist, hypnotherapist, trauma therapist, a member of the East European Association of Hypnotherapists, a member of the National Association of Psychosomatics Specialists.              Use your chance to gain knowledge leading to psychological and physical health!              AFTER THE WORKSHOP, YOU CAN APPLY FOR THE PRACTICAL THERAPEUTIC PROGRAM “Happiness Engineering - Level 1”, which starts on January 31.              The address of the event will be specified and communicated in advance.

The poster of the event — Introducing MINDFULNESS in Location