The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

Tantric practices

18 January 2020, 18:00
category: seminar/training
from 300 to 500 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

TANTRIC PRACTICES connect your heart and soul into a single stream of life, learn to be in dynamic contact with the world and receive people, seeing in them much more than just their body or personality.              Tantric practices return the brightness of being, give the fullness of all feelings, fullness, inspiration, joy and fill the heart with love ...              WHAT WILL BE IN PRACTICES?       - paired and group practices;       - breathing and body-energy practices;       - deep meditation and contact with your soul;       - practices with eyes closed;       - practices for relaxing and reloading consciousness ...              WHAT ARE YOU GETTING?       - development of sensitivity       - feeling of yourself and another person       - contact with your deep self       - the ability to be in continuous contact with the world       - feeling like a man / woman 100%       - beyond feelings ...              Tantric practices ...       ... This is a powerful mindfulness simulator that you can use in your life.       ... This is a sincere acquaintance with oneself, one that does not need to be hidden under masks.       ... This is an opportunity to feel your deepest male or female essence and live in harmony with it.       ... This is the way ... through contact with a partner to create the universe itself ...              P.S.       You can come WITHOUT PARTNER. Practices are very delicate. The experience gained in classes in pairs with strangers is often even more valuable than in pairs with loved ones, since there is no relationship history - and it is easier to be HERE AND NOW.Presenters: Svetlana Mamaieva and Alla Dziuba       Trainers and presenters of the Center for Spiritual Development "UNIVERSUM", School of Sacred Tantra in the direction of Sacral Yoga       They conduct practical classes, seminars and field intensives and training programs on tantra.       Training with Ivan Petkanich and experience in practice since 2014.              PRICE:       300 UAH - prepaid       500 UAH - for two prepaid.              * In case of cancellation of the event in less than three hours - payment is not refundable.              LOCATION:       Odessa, Genoese 24B,       Kadorr City Mall, 5th floor, building 515       Yoga rom              Registration is required!       The number of places in the group is limited!              Registration:       Answers to questions: 066 645 63 85; 050 958 45 01

The poster of the event — Tantric practices in Location