The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020

Max Barskih

15 February 2020, 20:00
category: concert
place: Shopping center "Victory Gardens" (Akademicheskaya str, 28)

Why go to the concert max Barskih? 1. To see the new artist's show. 2. Sing your favorite hits – "My love", "Mists", "Want to dance", "Girlfriend night", "Losing you" and others. 3. To sing in a loud voice the best tracks of the singer. On 15 February he will cloud fogs the Concert-hall "Victory Gardens" and make you burn from the emotions all wrong. Treat yourself and your loved ones a romantic Saturday evening with max Barsky. Information and booking of tickets on bodies.: (0482)-36-39-05 (0482)-36-39-00 (048) -785-85-85.

The poster of the event — Max Barskih in Shopping center "Victory Gardens"