The events in Odessa at 18 January 2020

Taєmnitsі nichnogo backstage: theatrical zaboboni

18 January 2020, 22:00
category: tour
300 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

Odessa Academic Theater of Musical Comedy in the name of Mikhail Vodyanoy 18 hours about 22:00 I’ll ask you all, well, to take a bite into the night in the theater and behind the scenes!       Interactive excursion with the elements of the show “Tavernitsa nychnogo zakulіsysya” - the one in Odessa's unique theater at the same time at the same time with the light of time.       We can help you to get to the "middle" theater, take a look at the night-time music of the theater!       Informational-cultural excursion is redeemed for mature people not younger than 14 years of age.       Leather excursion - thematic.       The tickets are at the theater.       Vartіst kvitkіv - 300 UAH.       Likhtariki come on!              #music comedy # theater # Odessa # Ukraine # excursion #muzkomediya #theatre #odessa #ukraine #excursion

The poster of the event — Taєmnitsі nichnogo backstage: theatrical zaboboni in Comedy