The events in Odessa at 25 May 2020

Psychology club "Become the best version of yourself" / self - image and our life

25 May 2020, 18:30
category: seminar/training
from 200 to 250 UAH
place: Educational-psychological Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo" (Prince St., 38; office 405)

Educational-psychological Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo" with the support of The Ukrainian Association of existential psychology and psychotherapy January 27, 2020 18 to 30 to 20:00 Odessa Odessa, Princely lane 38, office 405. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB "Become the best version of myself" Presenters: Neshchadim Elena is a psychologist, learning coach training and Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo" Sumin Tatyana - psychologist, learning coach training and Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo" An active evening of useful information (the schedule listed below) The purpose of the club: - an opportunity to become better - ability to learn new things and learn something new active discussion on the proposed topics - the possibility of creative self-realization - the exchange of personal experiences - the ability to find yourself excellent mood and self-confidence - the opportunity to make friends Discussion topics 1 what is the impact and influence self-assessment on emotional burnout man? 27.01.2020 Neshchadim Elena 2 the Problem of separation. How to avoid codependency in relationships. 24.02.2020 Sumin Tatyana 3 self-assessment of my inner child 23.03.2020 Neshchadim Elena 4 Tightness as repressed pleasure. 27.04.2020 Sumin Tatyana 5 I am the way and as dependent on him our life 25.05.2020 Neshchadim Elena 6 Libido as creativity in human life. 22.06.2020 Sumin Tatyana 7 How can I influence the development of their own internal resource 31.08.2020 Neshchadim Elena 8 Inner dialogue. Assistant or source of anxiety? 21.09.2020 Sumin Tatyana 9 the verge of burnout 26.10.2020 Neshchadim Elena 10 Psychological Aikido. The principles of working with external and internal aggression. 23.11.2020 Sumin Tatyana The cost of the event 200grn – one meeting, the day of the event 250grn For more information and to sign up on this phone number: +380637082402 (viber social networks, wasap)

The poster of the event — Psychology club "Become the best version of yourself" / self - image and our life in Educational-psychological Advisory centre "Sodruzhestvo"