The events in Odessa at 19 February 2020

Effective speed reading for adults

19 February 2020, 19:00
category: the courses
place: Center of intellectual development "Orpheus" (lane Rope, 6)

Friends, welcome have Today we want to talk about books, time, and personal effectiveness. We all know that books fill your life with new thoughts, knowledge and experiences. All is good, but most often adults say they do not have time to read one book for six months. Speed reading is especially important for professionals who need to view a lot of information. For example, the search assumes one reading, structuring and reading of literature — third. As in school and University do not teach this, many professionals either spend your free time, or greatly subside professionally. Good doctor, marketer, lawyer, teacher and other professionals a few times a week to read what has happened in their area and implement it in their practice and improving their skills. That gives you the skills to effectively read: - reduced mental fatigue because a person to cope with the flow of information; - increasing the speed by 2-5 times — man saves from 2 months in the year; - increases concentration — important information passes; - reduces the time for searching the necessary information and training. In some jobs speed reading saves dozens of hours: legal specialization: in particular lawyers, when every minute counts; - science: in particular, the leaders at the graduation practice and the study of research; - teacher: grading, tests; - any professional working with documents and e-mail; - students, high school students, participants of training courses. If You are interested to improve their professional level and find the 25th hour in the day, we invite you to the adult course "Effective trainer" Course starts from February 19. Sign up at the administrator at tel 063 538 63 38.

The poster of the event — Effective speed reading for adults in Center of intellectual development "Orpheus"