The events in Odessa at 19 February 2020

"Made in Odessa" performance for citizens and visitors

19 February 2020, 19:00
category: play
from 150 to 770 UAH
place: Russian drama theatre (Grecheskaya, 48)

WHY GO TO THE SHOW "MADE IN ODESSA"? 1. A subtle blend of Odessa humor and deep philosophy of life. 2. Inimitable actors, favorites of millions. 3. A wonderful evening at the theatre in the company of bosom friends. "Made in Odessa": a stunning performance for the citizens and visitors of South Palmyra. 19 and 20 February we invite you to Russian theatre at the wonderful and long-awaited production of "Made in Odessa". On stage is the inimitable Oleg Filimonov and Jan Levinson. Come with friends and family and enjoy a great show. A heartwarming story of love between a city and its inhabitants: don't miss the show "Made in Odessa". The performance with the symbolic name will be especially close to all those who made in the same Odessa. But it "the same", maybe not. Or... The characters try to find answers to this question and tell you many interesting, touching, sometimes funny, and sometimes sad. The show will turn into a sincere conversation artists from throughout the hall. An atmosphere of trust and a sense of nostalgia will cover everyone. Right now you can apply for tickets to the show "Made in Odessa" on the website See we have a full poster of events in Odessa. We are waiting for!

The poster of the event — "Made in Odessa" performance for citizens and visitors in Russian drama theatre