The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020

Dance ensemble "Sukhishvili"

15 February 2020, 16:00
category: concert
from 1150 to 1950 UAH
place: Comedy (street, 3)

WHY GO TO A CONCERT OF ENSEMBLE "SUKHISHVILI" IN KIEV? 1. Fall in love with the gorgeous dancers at first glance. 2. Enjoy the new program of the famous band. 3. To get a powerful charge of vivacity and experience vivid emotions. NATIONAL BALLET OF GEORGIA "SUKHISHVILI" ON THE STAGE OF THEATRE OF MUSICAL COMEDY 15 Feb unsurpassed masters of dance "Sukhishvili" will perform on the stage of musical Comedy. Gorgeous folk costumes, divine grace, music paint of the concert – an incredible pleasure! Theatre of musical Comedy – one of the most advanced in terms of technical equipment area of Odessa. Here all conditions will be created to the brilliant ensemble made the most of their skills in front of an audience. You are waiting for 2 hours solid aesthetic pleasure! Performances of the ensemble "Sukhishvili" Odessa is always waiting with joy and anticipation. Today dancers are trendsetters and heroes of movies and books. GEORGIAN BALLET "SUKHISHVILI" IN ODESSA Residents and guests of the city will see a new programme. The exclusive rooms, daring performances, inimitable workmanship – re-approve the ballet in the title of "Eighth wonder of the world" and team gravity-defying. In the work of the ensemble, the long history of the Georgian people, the nobility of national character. Each performance come to life music paintings, quickening the imagination of the viewer. Not by chance "Sukhishvili" was the first folk dance ensemble, which was invited to perform in the famous theatre "La Scala". The concert of "Sukhishvili" is a celebration of dance that is impossible to forget!

The poster of the event — Dance ensemble "Sukhishvili" in Comedy