The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020

New Music in the Dark

15 February 2020, 19:00
category: more
from 250 to 350 UAH
place: Address (Zhukovskogo str., 15)

♨ Now friends, "Music in the dark" continues. This time we have prepared for you some very interesting surprises, which I'll explain later, we can't disclose all the cards.  For those who haven't got on our meditation music in the dark, will explain how this happens. ☘ This is the first part of our event, takes place in complete darkness and lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. The musicians play the instruments without using amplifiers and microphones, just acoustic live sound, in total darkness. All this for what would be the perception of listeners and musicians has escalated, and we controlis with each other and with space. It combines sound meditation, both for listeners and for musicians. It's a total improvisation, which is born in the stream and will never happen again, because even the musicians are different every time. ⭐ App in the second part we create soft lighting, but gradually, more and more light, fills and music, and space. At some point, the music is added, dance, and the voices begin to sound more and more often, and cleaner, and now we are hearing the words of the songs, and the texts of poems, penetrate natural flow in our hearts, igniting in them the light of new harmony. So, the emerging New Music in the Dark  Invite You to witness this magic and sorcery. ✅ Start at 19:00 ✅ Address: Zhukovskogo 15. Inside the courtyard of the new building, at the top under the roof.( Please don't be late, we close the door before beginning.) ✅ The number of places is limited, please register at the link: ✅ Duration is 3 hours. Participation fee: 250 UAH. prepaid or 350 the day of the event. When paying on the card keep the receipt or a screenshot of the payment. The card number for the payment in the registration form. See you at the "New music in the dark." ✅ For all questions: 0674793455 - Timur, 097-004-69-03 - Julia

The poster of the event — New Music in the Dark in Address