The events in Odessa at 20 February 2020

Kmitіvsky experiment: how to roam with gladyansky minulim

20 February 2020, 19:00
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place: Co-working center "Impact Hub Odessa" (1A Grecheskaya street)

20 fierce about 19.00 in the Hub Vitalny within the framework of the project “Minule / Maybutn / Mistetstvo” there will be more discussion for the authors of the project “Kmitiv Museum of the Radyansky mystery imeni Y.D. Bukhanchuk "Nikita Kadana and the Molar, as well as Olga Gonchar, director of the Memorial Museum of Total Regimes" Territory Teroru "in Lviv.               Nepodalik vid Zhitomir є the village of Kmitіv, de sack меш at a time of 675 osib. In Vidome it was not very special cravings whose old history (they can be repaired in the fifteenth century), and the unique museum, a kind of bulo, was opened here in 1985 by the muslims Josip Dmitrovich Buhanchuk. I’ll call the museum of official names “The Museum of the Creative Mystery of the Name of Y. D. Buhanchuk. " Ale be-yak lyudina, who’s following the steps of the cultural life of Ukraine, also automatically called the “Museum of the Radiant Mystery”.              The first one is not right in the fact that the museum’s choice is rightly divisive for the honor (three times the number of exhibits), so for the collection of the very same mystery. In 2019, a rosy outbreak of an oversubscribing experiment by Ukrainian artists and mysticists, as well as those who sensed the zealousness of the Kmitiv Museum, was made with a point of pracing the happy last. Not “lamp-like” silence, not a guilty accusation, but propracyuvannya itself. To comprehend the phenomenon of the creation of a museum, put the guilty face to the face so that the Ukrainian mystery and mystery of the Radian period are all the same for the author of the project “The Museum of the Radian mystery of the name of Y.D. Buhanchuk. "Surely, the stinks were okayed, it won’t be easy, they were unlikely to be identified, as if they were rogue. Hto tilki not joining the battle of the museum of the city! Right on top of the project vivіv on the surface there are a lot of problem areas iznuvannya Ukrainian cultural space, marking the points of neurosis, pointing to the hats nadії. The project, sorry, ends. An hour of probing zrozumіti was infected - chi tse virok, chi v_dkrittya new straightforwardly, chi tse peremoga, chi defeat.              Participants of the discussion:       Nikita Kadan, artist;       Генvgenіya Molyar, mystezvoznavitsya, art manager, participant іnіtsіiativi DE NOT DE;       Olga Gonchar, cultural studies director of the Memorial Museum of Total Regimes Territory Teroru.       Moderator:       Oksana Dovgopolova, curator of the Memory Lab, at the memorial center of the Holocaust “Babin Yar”; Doctor of Philosophical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Philosophy of the Odessa National University Іmenі I. І. Mechnikov              The entry for the front registration:              ***       The discussion is being conducted within the framework of the project “Minule / Maybutn / Mistetsvo”, the focus of a certain robot is feeding the collective memory in the current Ukraine. Curator group: Oksana Dovgopolova, Katerina Semenyuk.The project is realizable for the forum’s forum ZFD. ForumZFD pіdtrimuє people who like to hit the world, intermittent in the minds of violent conflicts. The organization was founded in 1996 by a number of peacekeeping and right-wing groups, who took part in the peace and regulation of the Balkans conflict and the zahist of human rights. From that hour, forumZFD representatives will be able to promote the availability of additional violence and violence. ForumZFD is especially important for peacekeeping in the area of ​​peacekeeping in Nymechchin and in dozens of the most recent destinations in Europe, the Near Descent and the Peaceful Asia.              ___________________________________________________________              February 20 at 19.00 in the Hub Lounge as part of the project “Minule / Maybutnє / Mistetstvo” a podium discussion will be held with the participation of the authors of the project “The Kmitov Museum of Soviet Art named after YD Bukhanuk” Nikita Kadan and Evgenia Molyar, as well as Olga Gonchar, director of the Memorial Museum totalitarian regimes "Terror Territory" in Lviv.       Not far from Zhitomir is the village of Kmitov, in which 675 people now live. It is known not by special views or ancient history (which begins from the 15th century), but by a unique museum, created here in 1985 by the efforts of Joseph Dmitrievich Buhanchuk. Now the museum has the official name "Kmitov Museum of Fine Arts named after YD Buhanchuk." But everyone who follows the events of the cultural life of Ukraine, already automatically calls it the “Museum of Soviet Art”.And the point is not only that the museum’s collection is actually an amazing collection of Soviet art both in quantity (about 3,000 exhibits) and in quality. In 2019, an unusual experiment was launched by Ukrainian artists and art historians, who proposed making the Kmitov Museum a point of study of the Soviet past. Not a "tube" of admiration, not an angry accusation, but a study. To comprehend the phenomenon of the creation of this museum, to put modern Ukrainian art and art of the Soviet period face to face - all this was meant by the authors of the project “The Kmitov Museum of Soviet Art named after YD Bukhanuk”.       They probably expected that it would not be easy, but they hardly imagined which waves were accelerating. Who just did not join the battle near the Museum of Kmitov! In fact, the project brought to the surface most of the problem areas of the existence of the Ukrainian cultural space, identified the points of necrosis, and pointed to the path of hope. The project, unfortunately, was completed. Now is the time to try to understand - or this is a sentence, or the opening of a new direction, or victory, or defeat.              Panellists:       Nikita Kadan, artist;       Evgenia Molyar, art critic, art manager, participant of the initiative DE NE DE;       Olga Gonchar, cultural studies director of the Territory Terror Memorial Museum of Totalitarian Regimes       Moderator:       Oksana Dovgopolova, curator of Memory Lab, a division of the Babi Yar Holocaust Memorial Center; Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Department of Philosophy, Odessa I. I. Mechnikov National UniversityThe event will take place on Thursday, February 20, at 19.00 in the Hub Living Room (1a Grecheskaya St.)       Admission is free by pre-registration:              ***       The discussion takes place within the framework of the project “Minule / Maybutnє / Mystetsvo”, the focus of which is working with the problem of collective memory in modern Ukraine. Curatorial group: Oksana Dovgopolova, Ekaterina Semenyuk.              The project is supported by forumZFD. ForumZFD supports people who want peace in violent conflict. The organization was founded in 1996 by peacekeeping and human rights groups that advocated the peaceful resolution of the Balkan conflict and the protection of human rights. Since then, forumZFD representatives have continued to help overcome the effects of hostilities and violence. ForumZFD works together with peacekeeping experts in Germany and in dozens of other countries in Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

The poster of the event — Kmitіvsky experiment: how to roam with gladyansky minulim in Co-working center "Impact Hub Odessa"