The events in Odessa at 19 February 2020

The course "Narrative of commercial illustration"

19 February 2020, 19:00
category: the courses
place: School of design "Projector" (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

⚡ This is a course illustration is a sea of creativity, the doors to the profession of Illustrator for magazines, online publications and websites. ⠀ We will confidently, firmly and passionately to work, mastered the illustration on the example of textual materials and learn how beneficial its to show in a portfolio. ⠀ Another milestone in your career, another step in his career (anyone should), and another outlet in life. ⠀ Oleg Andreyev in illustration for over 15 years. Collaborated with various publications: "What to read this?" "Doberman", Yoga+Life (Minsk), "Afisha Odessa", Odessa Review, lighthouse, MODNO. Working with illustration Agency Ill&Mates (Kiev), on projects for Life, "Nova poshta", "Morshinska", "Danone", "Eldorado", "Nasha Ryaba", Jacobs. Drew illustrations for restaurants, cafes, festivals. Participated in several major social and charity programs of the Prague Civic center and other non-profit projects. ⠀ Oleg on Behance  ⠀  The course will be useful: ⠀ future Illustrator, who wants to associate their activities with the pictures, but not knowing where to start and whether to do it at all; — beginner Illustrator, already made first steps in the profession and have a ton of questions about the industry, technology and their abilities; all feeds the tendency to render those who experience will be useful in illustrating the main profession (designer, author of texts and ideas, the Creator of advertising concepts). ⠀  For lessons: ⠀ — preferably (but not necessarily) have a laptop with graphics tablet and installed Adobe Photoshop or other familiar graphical program; — you need to grab tools for a live drawing (e.g., pencil and notebook). ⠀ Have I for the admission to the course must send a resume or just a short story about yourself, and portfolio or examples of work, if any. ⠀ The course consists of 6 sessions of 2 hours. Start February 19. ⠀ More details about the program and register at the link 

The poster of the event — The course "Narrative of commercial illustration" in School of design "Projector"