The events in Odessa at 16 February 2020

DV55 T-F&S Challenge

16 February 2020, 10:00
category: sport
400 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

Dear friends-archers, fitness enthusiasts and special means of protection. Rifle club DV55 is proud to offer you a part in the match (a team) from a traumatic weapons according to the rules of the ISFF (shooting after physical exertion). The match will be held in the format of individual marathon. The match will take place in Fira Дівізіон55 Registration: The amount of exercise - 4 shooting, 8 physical Number of shots - 60 on arrow Number of participants - up to 20 Registration – 400 UAH Arbitration - 700 UAH For employees of security and law enforcement agencies, employees of defense and of veterans of the ATO (upon presentation of corresponding ID) is a special conditions. Judges take part in the match for free. The participation fee does not include the cost of ammunition. MD - Bondarenko Alexey: +380986447905, RM - Dyakin Rostislav: +380674805905, Awards: - places 1 to 3 Admission to the match after registration and further payment (please be sure to provide a receipt by e-mail Card Monobank: 4141 5119 5375 1102 Beneficiary: Bondarenko, Aleksey Tel: +380986447905 Registration: The schedule of the shooting: Registration 10.00 am, the first shot 10.30 Briefing: Small complex: 4 exercises, 15 scoring shots in each exercise. Each exercise will have to change the store. The complex of physical exercises: 1) rowing simulator on calories - 20 calories + attacks in step with a dumbbell (15/7 kg ) above the head 8/8 m 2) taking the barbell from the floor into the rack 40/20 kg 20 times + push-UPS with fixation of the upper and lower position 20 times 3) with the weight swings 24/12 kg 20 times + sit up with medicine balls 6/2 kg 20 times 4) burpee with dumbbells+dumbbell lifting 15/7 kg above his head in any way times 15+running 10 m + isometric exercise with a rope 4 m Registration: Where? Rifle club DV55 , Burlacha beam street Brewing, 5

The poster of the event — DV55 T-F&S Challenge in Location