The events in Odessa at 20 February 2020

Vladislav Ilyinskaya / Book of poems "Jokes about the rain"

20 February 2020, 17:00
category: presentation
place: The world club of inhabitants of Odessa (Marazlievskaya str., 7)

"Jokes about the rain."       Vladislav Ilyinskaya.       Presentation of a collection of poems              Born in 1984 in Odessa.       She studied at the Faculty of Philology of ONU. I.I. Mechnikov.       She began to write poetry from the age of six. Then it was first published in the newspaper "Evening Odessa".              Today, her poems are published both in Odessa and in international literary publications ("October", "SHO", etc.), in several collective collections, on various network resources ...       Member of the Congress of Writers of Ukraine and other literary communities.       Finalist of many Ukrainian and international festivals, participant from Ukraine of the First International Conference of Young Writers in Peredelkino, laureate of the Prize named after Yuri Kaplan.              The author of the poetic collection "Games of the Mind."       Member of the literary studio "Green Lamp" at the World Club of Odessa.              How many authors do we know whose foreword to the books was written by Viktor Erofeev ?. This book begins with his words.              "Draw, Vlad, draw ...       I haven’t written forewords for a long time, I wouldn’t have written this if I hadn’t seen the soul of our time flying away in these verses ... "              “Is poetry possible after Auschwitz,” the philosopher Theodore Adorno asked this question in the 20th century.       Is it possible after Chernobyl?       I think this answer is answered by his second book of poems by Vladislav Ilyinskaya.       Needed if it is poetry ... "              Evgeny Golubovsky,       Vice President of the World Club of Odessa."Vlad Ilyinskaya beats every word.       You won’t be able to dodge. "              Elena Andreichikova, writer                     See you at the presentation of the book.       February 20 (Thursday) at 17.00       in the World Odessa Club       (st.Marazlievskaya, 7),       tel .: 7254567              The organizers reserve the right to refuse the presence of persons who did not pass face control

The poster of the event — Vladislav Ilyinskaya / Book of poems "Jokes about the rain" in The world club of inhabitants of Odessa