The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020

Eric Hakobyan / Acoustics

15 February 2020, 22:00
category: concert
place: Poncho snack art bar (st. Greek, 26/28)

Hello friends!       On February 15th there will be an acoustic concert by Hakobyan Erika at the Indian Bar in Odessa. We suggest you brighten up your evening with your presence and enjoy the atmosphere of songs of various genres: Rock, Hip-hop, Reggae and so on ..       You can hear the songs of such artists as: Noize MC, 5'nizza, Basta, Splin, Boris Grebenshchikov, Sunsay, as well as author songs.       We guarantee that the evening will be unforgettable!              A deposit is valid for the duration of the concert!       Booking a table by phone: 067 401 66 33.

The poster of the event — Eric Hakobyan / Acoustics in Poncho snack art bar