The events in Odessa at 19 February 2020

It Talk Odessa: «FrontEnd: Сache and Stream»

19 February 2020, 19:00
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50 UAH
place: SEC "Fontan Sky" (Srednefontanskiy) (The 4 lane.)

DataArt Odessa invites to a meeting of the technical community IT Talk. The meeting will be relevant to FrontEnd developers, anyone interested in mobile development, anyone interested in implementing their own streaming services, and simple services that interact with the media. Please note that the meeting will be held in one of the halls of cinema cinema city Odessa. On all questions: Date: 19 Feb 19:00 Place: "cinema city Odessa", Semaforniy lane 4, shopping center Sky Fontan, 2nd floor. Tickets can be purchased at Program: 18:45-19:00 Registration 19:00-19:40 Media in JavaScript. The age of data streaming Denis Burakovsky (Senior FrontEnd developer at DataArt Odessa). In our time, a time of great goals and crazy speed of life, it is hard to imagine life without online services, offering video and audio content.Talk about which tools to interact with the media provide us with modern browsers and the JavaScript language. Consider the following questions: - Why and how often we need media. - Past and present works with media formats. - Ability to work with video and audio in the browser. Modern third-party tools. - Implementation of working with media in popular services. About speaker: Denis Burakovsky — Senior FrontEnd developer at DataArt. Six years in the commercial design and analysis applications of varying complexity, including mobile and web applications. Teacher of JavaScript in the school of Hillel. 19:50-20:05 Break 20:05-20:45 Progressive Web Apps – Back to the Future Constantine Kulaksiz (FrontEnd-developer at DataArt Odessa). Talk, what is the PWA today and how we can use this technology. - What is PWA? - What user experience we can provide customers using PWA. - Opportunities and limitations of technology now. - What awaits us in the future. - What advantages are there for business to use PWA. About speaker: Konstantin Kulaksiz — FrontEnd developer at DataArt. More than seven years working with web technologies. Teaching at a computer school Hillel. Teaches courses on educational platform IAMPM. Speaking at FrontEnd meetup community in Odessa. See you at the event.

The poster of the event — It Talk Odessa: «FrontEnd: Сache and Stream» in SEC "Fontan Sky" (Srednefontanskiy)