The events in Odessa at 16 February 2020

TheRo Nights: Valentine's Day

16 February 2020, 22:00
category: party
place: Bar-coffee shop "The Roastery" (Arcadia Avenue, 1)

When the air is already overdoze love, grab your soul mate and come to us.       We openly and confess our love to everything that we value - collectible bourbon, steaks from our beloved chef and - well, why be shy - to you.       Valentine's Day, we celebrate all 3 days of the weekend. And you allow yourself to miss this?              Leave the pink banalities behind the door! Bring your girlfriend to The Roastery, and we will do everything so that you can remember the evening for a long time.              Special line up:       14.02 GLUKHOV / NOSOV / FEELMARK       15.02 VLAD JET / BELKINA / HERZ & NIM       16.02 NOSOV              DRESS CODE       FACE CONTROL              RESERVE & MORE: (093) 787 87 85

The poster of the event — TheRo Nights: Valentine's Day in Bar-coffee shop "The Roastery"