The events in Odessa at 15 February 2020

Sadhana in the Kundalini Yoga tradition

15 February 2020, 06:00
category: group training
place: SPORTIVNO-OZDOROVITEL'nyy Tsentr "Somaplus" (lane Onilovoy, 18; sq 1 (2nd floor))

SADHANA IN THE TRADITION OF KUNDALINI YOGA       Odessa, Saturday - 02/15/2020, beginning at 6:00              Friends! Join in the morning Sadhana!       Angels do not sleep, and we can sense their presence!              If you have not been to this practice yet, you should definitely try it.              This is a special practice that they do before sunrise.       These are precisely the hours when practice is most favorable for all who want to meditate.              We are intent on being ourselves. And we are going for Sadhana. We bless ourselves to be in love, integrity and abundance. This is the life we ​​live.       During morning meditation, your consciousness is purified, so you release the pure energies that guide and support you.              For those who have not been to this practice, here are some recommendations:              Practice begins at 6:00, so it is advisable to prepare in the evening.       It is necessary to get out of bed, it’s not easy for everyone at such an early hour. Set an alarm in the evening and go to bed early. Pack your bags before going to bed. It is recommended that Sadhana be performed in comfortable clothing, preferably in light colors (white clothing fits perfectly). And it’s also good if your head is covered - take a scarf or a hat. You can take a thermos with tea or a bottle of water with you.              Practice consists of 3 parts:       Reading the holy text of Jap Ji is a beautiful and powerful spiritual practice.       An important part of Sadhana is kriya, a series of special exercises.The final part is the singing of the mantras of the Kundalini Yoga tradition.              Conduct Sadhana:       Denis Yanyutin and Alexandra Domanova              Beginning at 6:00.       Venue: DAO Place, Onilova, 18, of.1, 3rd floor.              If you have not been to DAOPLACE Studio, please contact us and specify in advance how to proceed.       Contact phone: 0660212925

The poster of the event — Sadhana in the Kundalini Yoga tradition in SPORTIVNO-OZDOROVITEL'nyy Tsentr "Somaplus"