The events in Odessa at 28 March 2020

Family community theater with Daria Black

28 March 2020, 15:00
category: for children
from 300 to 400 UAH
place: Shop children's books "Big BUCK" (Ekaterininskaya str, 27/1 - TTS "Kadorr")

It is believed that love to play only children. But history and psychology prove that people played throughout its existence. Even primitive men wore masks to play a role and make a ritual, to attract the gods. Later games began to use not only the masks but the costumes and makeup. The famous American psychologist Eric Berne says that playing different characters – an essential human need. Often children and adults really want to test themselves in a different role. Modest'd like to be pushy and overbearing, hard heads soft and irresponsible hooligans – a students, teacher – students, parents – children. There is a safe way that will satisfy both kids and adults – the magic of theatre! Home theaters is a great tradition that allows you to enjoy the creative process: script writing, production, creation of scenery and costumes, drawing posters, tickets. Family theater unites the whole family. The kids are happy – parents play with them, the parents relieve stress, awaken your inner child. The excitement during performances, the excitement before the premiere, the applause of the audience – all of it really! Family community theater offers an alternative to the usual Saturday activities: trips to the Mall, cinema or cafe. Two and a half months more we will put on a play and show it on the big stage. We are waiting for fame and recognition! Rehearsals will include warm-up, consisting of various acting and physical exercises and practices, working with voice, fun games to interact and develop their creative potential, establishing and training our performance, the material for which will come up with themselves. The author of the project – Daria Black – mother, the Creator of several home performances, certified playmaker and actress playback theatre "Shades Inego", member performances, alternative school for a person/actor "Thea-tr-anthropos", the journalist, the author of the children's program "Big" on channel 7. For whom: Invite families in any configuration: moms, dads, grandparents and children from 7 years! When: Every Saturday starting from 15 fevra from 15 to 17 h Where: A large Beech in the centre St. Catherine 27/1 TTS "of Kador" 5 floor Cost: Family with one child – 300 UAH. Family with two children – 400 UAH. Clothing: Comfortable non-restrictive clothes that do not mind fall down and crawl. The flat-soled shoes, lightweight and comfortable. Registration is required by phone: 093 197 80 77 Any other questions ask Daria Black 093 037 18 13 (viber, telegram)

The poster of the event — Family community theater with Daria Black in Shop children's books "Big BUCK"