The events in Odessa at 20 February 2020


20 February 2020, 08:00
category: master class
from 75 to 170 UAH
place: Yoga Studio "by Jogada" (Marshala Govorova, 18a)

DEVELOPMENT OF INTUITION. KUNDALINI YOGA              Intuition is an invaluable ability that is vital to a person.       Thanks to intuition, a person instantly presents a picture of reality as a whole. He anticipates or even clearly sees how events will unfold further (at least the main options) and what the event or drama leads to, the essence of which is so poorly understood by its participants.              HOW TO DEVELOP INTUITION?       Scientists distinguish two types of thinking depending on the dominant hemisphere of the brain.              Left hemisphere thinking is responsible for logic. And the right hemisphere is responsible for creativity and intuitive insights.              The work that requires time from the left hemisphere, and sometimes it turns out to be completely impossible, can be done by the right hemisphere in a split second.              Kundalini Yoga practices build, stimulate and balance the work of both hemispheres of the brain and all systems of the body as a whole (immune, nervous, endocrine, digestive, muscle, blood circulation, hormonal levels, body constitution) in such a way that the whole body is naturally restored and updated.              By becoming intuitive you can discover and develop in yourself those abilities that you still might not even suspect about.               ABOUT KUNDALINI ENERGY:Kundalini energy is considered the most powerful energy: a person with an awakened Kundalini is transformed at the cellular level, his energetic structure changes, his physical body changes, and unusual intuitive abilities appear. Irreversible changes are taking place in the quality of our perception, the quality of our consciousness. The memory improves dramatically, the sensitivity of all five senses increases. A conscious reassessment of priorities and affiliations is taking place. Destructive programs are gradually replaced by positive ones by themselves. The effect of karma is neutralized, the process of purification and rejuvenation of the body occurs. True wisdom begins to appear, a person gains inner peace, confidence and strength. Fear, as a phenomenon, leaves the life of a person with the awakened Kundalini. It is being replaced by tolerance, acceptance, compassion and love.              Even the first acquaintance with this practice makes it possible to quickly feel the effect: to realize and learn to use the basic cause-effect relationships in the body and, thereby, get powerful tools for self-knowledge and spiritual development.              PRACTICAL KUNDALINI YOGA YOU WILL RECEIVE:       A flexible and strong body, calm and clear thinking, awakening of creative energy and natural abilities.       General rejuvenation and healing of the body - endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous system. Strengthening intuition.       People who are addicted to smoking, alcoholism, drugs, get a chance to get rid of these addictions and become free.       Get rid of stress and excess weight.FOR WHICH CLASSES ARE SUITABLE?       For everyone who is ready for change, including people without physical fitness. In each lesson, you will receive sufficient physical activity to strengthen the body and develop flexibility.              YOGA CLUB organized regular Kundalini Yoga classes in Odessa.              WHERE?       Yoga Studio YogaDom. Marshal Govorov, 18A, Odessa, Ukraine              WHEN?       MORNING CLASSES       Every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:00 to 9:30       (At the request of the first members of the group, the time for the morning classes can be moved one hour later or an hour earlier - hurry to bring your contribution)       EVENING CLASSES       Every Tuesday and Thursday from 18:30 to 20:00              CLASS COST is only 75 UAH when buying a subscription, the usual cost is 170 UAH              We carry out individual classes              We arrange classes for companies and even in the office              CONTACT NUMBER       0674850911              HOW TO APPLY FOR A CLASS?       Call us!       Write us!       Or just come to us!

The poster of the event — HOW TO DEVELOP INTUITION / KUNDALINI YOGA in Yoga Studio "by Jogada"