The events in Odessa at 29 March 2020

Help Angels. Mystery Transformation Game.

29 March 2020, 14:00
category: seminar/training
450 UAH
place: Location (look in the description)

☘️ Help of Angels is more a mystery than a game, during which insights and insights come to the participants, consciousness expands and a feeling of calm, clarity and understanding comes.               Its exclusivity lies in the fact that during the game they help us, give clues to our Guardian Angels, who are invisibly present nearby. They help to get an answer to your request, in other words, find a way out of this situation. These can be questions from a variety of areas - relationships, finances, purpose, purpose of life, children, etc.              It often happens that a person is confused, has reached a dead end, does not know what to do next. The mind tells one thing, and the heart is different, and the person is in a state of "freezing", not seeing a way out of this situation. And here we need a push, advice, a hint from our Higher Self, the subconscious, Guardian Angels, you can call it anything you like. This is what happens on the game.               Everything is coordinated by an experienced host Dmitry Svet using the playing field, dice, metaphorical cards, correctly asked questions, etc. Your requests are worked out very carefully and deeply, so the simultaneous number of participants is 4-6 people.              It is difficult to describe the whole process, this is a very crude explanation, it is better to come to participate and feel.              Duration - 4 hours               Address in Odessa: Fontanskaya dor. 8/8 sq. 30. (4th Art. Fontana)       In other cities as agreed.              ☘️ Recommended energy exchange - 450 UAHIf you have limited opportunities, write about your situation, we will come up with something.              Have with you: notebook and pen for notes. You can also have something for tea.              ☎️ Phone / Viber +380677552121 Dmitry Svet

The poster of the event — Help Angels. Mystery Transformation Game. in Location