The events in Odessa at 27 March 2020


27 March 2020, 11:30
category: exhibition
place: Art Museum (Sophia, 5A)

20 birch trees at the Odessa Art Museum will present an innovative project, which is still in fashion and still a mystery, - AR-show of the FINCH and CASTA eyewear, sales from the Ukrainian mysterious Japan.              Designers didn’t disregard traditional fashion shows: they had models in clothes and accessories that were brand-namely scanned, modeled and worn in the foreground of monochromatic 3D sculptures. The Ukrainian artist Julia Bulyaeva took a look at it, as I did a long time ago successfully with 3D technologies and virtual reality. Reborn on the sculptures, the texture and the elements of the cut models, presented brandy, looking at the other technology for additional reality.              The project’s curator is Kostyantin Doroshenko, an art critic, curator of the most recent mystery, and the author of numerical projects in Europe, Asia and the USA.              The print is made by opening the Japanese calligraphy Takahiko Isіі, which is special for the collaborator from FINCH to write “Virtuality”, “Reality”, “Life” at the Japanese observer’s forehead. At once, I mean curator Kostyantin Dorosheno, “post-iron dying” by Maxim Golub: “Virtuality is fun”, “Realism is rooted”.              The exhibition at the Serebryakovsky Hall of the Odessa Artistic Trivatime 10 days - up to 29 birch trees included.              Відкриття: 20 birch trees, at the Friday’s day, at 5 p.m.       De: Odessa Art Museum, Sofievska, 5a.       Vartіst: entrance on відкриття вільний.

The poster of the event — FINCH + CASTA eyewear AR SHOW in Art Museum