The events in Odessa at 28 March 2020

Premiere in Theatre! Very well, cowboy history

28 March 2020, 19:00
category: play
from 80 to 120 UAH
place: TUZ (Grecheskaya St., 48A)

WELL, VERY COWBOY STORY! 6+ Author: S. Makeev, Yu. Chaika Genre: a Parody of the Western Premiere! Dramatization Yuri Chaika in explanation of this tale of Sergey Makeev. Children want to watch a movie? Come to us to play "very Well, cowboy history!", and see for yourself! So cool Metropolitan Director making a movie about cowboys, the wild West, about love and friendship, about a very good cowboys and not very good cowboys, about cowboy horse, about the gold, and, of course, about the Indians in every Western movie there are always cowboys, Indians, horses, gangsters, guns, gold. And in our - and even a milkshake is! Motor! Shooting! Go!

The poster of the event — Premiere in Theatre! Very well, cowboy history in TUZ