The events in Odessa at 26 March 2020

Hi Calling! or How to Understand and Realize Their Business

26 March 2020, 12:00
category: the courses
place: Creative space "Heat" (Bolshaya Arnautskaya str., 59)

3 month program "Hello Calling! or How to Understand and Realize Their Business" During which you will begin to realize his Favorite Thing, even if you have no starting capital, connections in politics and in the moment, you don't know what to do. Despite the fact that I started minimum three, as now fashionable to say, "startups," and help you begin making love, some of my friends, this is the first "official" course that I type in Mostly for friends who ask and expect, but also for those who will respond. Such a vein of rebellion against the office of slavery, and idle and aimless lifestyle. The program will have to go through the selection, more on that below, but if your project somehow related to the following paragraphs, you may not read further: - The production and distribution of alcohol, tobacco and other intoksikatsionnyj substances for body and mind. - Any connection with meat products or production of goods from leather/fur; - Fooling, fraud, gambling, exchange networks, etc. - Anyone that is included in the theme depraved lifestyle, free sex and popularization of low values. The point is, such projects we do not, I will not spoil the fate of you and to yourself  Conversely, if you want to be useful to the world, to others, to bear their business benefit, such as : healthy food, increase the level of consciousness in various ways, organization, manufacturing what we NEED, who want to create their own courses, and thousands-millions other need surrounding and what You see the meaning..! This Program will really help you understand and implement it all the best way to win it ALL! But if you have already started to realize its purpose, the methods, life hacks, exercise and knowledge will help you to do well and to avoid many mistakes and follies. This course is essentially a step-by-Step Method like the point where you are now go where you do what to like, make a lot of money bringing real quality benefit to others. Where are you cheerfully, happily, enthusiastically Wake up before sunrise, anticipating how useful you can do today and incredibly thank the Higher Powers for such a lucky opportunity! Where you feel alive! Structure. All in fact, practical and without unnecessary "water". First we get rid of all that prevents us from holding back and doing your purpose => develop a lifestyle that promotes progress => determine its nature, strengths, values and what you want/feel the duty to realize the => learning to correctly and effectively position yourself and your advantage of audience => and, finally, technical implementation of the project! that is, to Understand THAT, to Understand HOW and Rechitsa to Do! It is in a nutshell  Format: Weekly live meetings and online conferences, a separate website only for members where there will be additional materials and chat. And more secret surprises ;) Two packages of participation – Overall and Individually in-Depth. Prices and Details are sent to those who passed the selection. Selection in 2 stages: 1) Fill out the questionnaire: 2) 10-minute Skype meeting with me so we both made sure that can be helpful to each other. Can I do to help you, can you efficiently to be in this program and whether it is necessary for you. Start 26 Mar 2020. The program operates full money-back guarantee. Questions in writing via viber: 063 343 43 70 Denis Kindness, warmth and true love!

The poster of the event — Hi Calling! or How to Understand and Realize Their Business in Creative space "Heat"