The events in Odessa at 27 March 2020

Theater of the ears / of Audovisual "Other"

27 March 2020, 19:00
category: play
200 UAH
place: Urban Music Hall (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

Teatr Ushei again in the Urban Music Hall! Repeat performance at the request of satisfied listeners   About theatre  Teatr Ushei — the first in Ukraine auditeur and unique platform for the expression of feelings and meanings. The uniqueness lies in the fact that you have to be blindfolded and forced to feel.  About the play March 27 at the Urban Music Hall will be auguiste on the play "Strangers" writer Helena Andreichikova. After years of fruitless attempts, the couple finally getting pregnant with twins. They have to relearn how to love yourself, to be able to love these two noisy children. Tragicomedy takes out the light of deep reflection, familiar to every adult. And the adult is the one who sometimes knows how to be a kid. Concise and vivid imagery, symbolism, human imperfection — the author writes about each of us.  Director: Ruslan Redhead ✨ Starring: Ruslan Red, Oleg Ventura, Mikhail trostyanetskiy, Elena Andreichikova  Music:  Mariam Solow — violin  Anastasia Slupska — cello  Rostislav Craciun — accordion  The show is held in Russian language  Theater of the ears — this is an unusual and very interesting experience, which must live each. Like this, "watch" the play by ears? Find out soon in the Urban Music Hall   When: March 27  Time: 19:00  Cost: 200 UAH Tickets at the link  And Urban box office Music Hall at the Richelieu, 33.

The poster of the event — Theater of the ears / of Audovisual "Other" in Urban Music Hall