The events in Odessa at 01 April 2020

Course "Internet Marketing"

01 April 2020, 19:00
category: the courses
place: School of design "Projector" (Rishelyevskaya street, 33)

Create attractive visual, run an ad campaign and e-mail-newsletter, which is read and which buy! Increase CTR, and therefore Conversion Rate! ⠀ And don't be afraid of all these scary words. All of this teach for 3 months course on "Internet Marketing"! ⠀ Already in April, you will plunge into the world of digital marketing. Specialists from Netpeak Readdle and will teach the fundamentals of SEO, PPC, SMM, content marketing, email marketing and mobile marketing. ⠀ Take a seat — ⠀ The course is suitable for:  Novice marketers who want to master the tools of effective promotion.  Beginners who are planning to become digital marketers.  Designers who want to understand marketing.  Business owners who will be more informed to hire and direct marketers, to put them the right tasks and monitor their implementation. Syllabus we will review your case. ⠀ In the programme: ▪ I build marketing strategies ▪ This familiarity with Analytics ▪ This Is Customer Development ▪ This structure of copywriting. Landing ▪ This design for marketers ▪ App Facebook ▪ This strategy works with social networks ▪ This PPC and contextual advertising ▪ This SEO ▪ It's amazing app marketing ▪ This Content is a king ▪ This is the launch of a new product ▪ I work with press and PR ▪ This Email marketing ⠀ The course program is built on the cult practices — all topics will be dismantled by hand (and not "read"). Be prepared for a great volume of new information and interesting homework. ⠀ Supervisor — Pavel Sakhatskiy — Product Marketing Manager at Readdle, which competes with Google, Microsoft and Adobe, with more than 100 million downloads of applications around the world. ⠀ Have this requirements: — own laptop; — willingness to do homework. ⠀ Start: 1 April 2 times a week — Wednesday (19:00 - 21:00) and Saturday (11:00 - 13:00) 3 month — 25 classes ⠀ Course price: 5 000 UAH / month ⠀ To take a place on the course

The poster of the event — Course "Internet Marketing" in School of design "Projector"