The events in Odessa at 28 March 2020

Week of Alexander Girshon / Dance Walking - dance walk in the city

28 March 2020, 19:00
category: seminar/training
place: The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot" (Nechipurenko pereulok, 4 (floor 7))

Great news for Ukraine - Alexander Girshon again goes to Odessa in Mindspot!              Alexander Girshon - candidate of psychological sciences, dance-motor therapist, improvisation teacher, host and author of trainings and master classes in integrative dance-motor therapy and integral dance.              From March 24 to March 29 in Odessa in Mindspot you can meet with Alexander Girshon in the following formats - morning and evening workshops, intensive, city dance walks, as well as individual therapeutic sessions.              For whom is Intensive suitable?              ‍ To participate in the “Be on your side” intensive, you don’t need preparation - you don’t need to be a dancer, or somehow be connected with the dance.       ‍ This intensive is suitable for all those who are looking for and want to find support in themselves, to deal with different internal roles.              At the intensity and workshops you can solve the following requests:               Get a resource to survive the crisis       Dance is a resource. This is the natural movement of the body in which you find freedom of expression. You are not constrained by the framework, you are moving as the body wants it. In this freedom you find support and strength in order to overcome the crisis and become stronger.              ✌ Relieve all excess voltage       Moving in the dance, you find places of tension, direct attention to them and work with sensations. This work helps to dissolve tension, give the body emancipation and relaxation.               Add more brightness to your lifeDoing a lot of work day after day, communicating with the same people, life can seem like a chore. Dance is a way to add more color to your life in the form of creativity and external expression.              〰️ Intensive “Be on your side”              What is your relationship with yourself? Do you show friendliness, recognition, support?       Or does the eternal critic and the most important judge live in you?              It would seem that everything is quite simple - to admit that you are the very main person in your life and live with him in peace.       But it turns out that it is not so easy to cope with the internal critic. This is a great internal work, which requires a lot of time and effort.              March 27-29, from Friday to Sunday.       On Friday from 18:00 to 21:00.       On weekends from 10:00 to 19:00.              If paid before March 1: 5 900 UAH.       From March 1 - 6 900 UAH.              〰️ Workshop "Meditation - Movement - Writing."       This is an integral practice that combines the contemplation, movement, and writing of your experience in words.              It was created at Dancing & Writing Lab in 2014. The participants, together with Alexander Girshon, experimented with different ideas for combining written and motor formats, and this sequence turned out to be the most appropriate and complete.              March 24 from 18:30 to 20:30              Cost:       Early if paid before March 1 - 550 hryvnias,       Usual when paying from March 1 - 700 UAH              The workshop is suitable for you if: you have a request that involves all levels of somatic perception;        you want to try how the integral practices of mindfulness work;        You have already tried individual techniques and are looking for a way to combine them in a single holistic experience.              〰️ Workshop "iSomatics: Internal Support"       March 25 from 9:00 to 12:00              Somatics is a process of practical research and training in order to find a more integrated, conscious and living body. This approach combines modern knowledge from physiology, psychology, culture and practice of dance and movement.              In the concept of somatics, the mind and body are connected to each other, are part of a single living process. The fundamental idea of ​​somatics is the possibility of growth and change for any person at any age.       Somatics help strengthen the feeling of internal support through the body.              Internal support may be expressed by:              ✋ In your attitude towards yourself.       Scolding or praising, forcing or giving the opportunity to choose, blaming or giving an objective assessment of behavior;              ✋In search of a bodily resource.       detect resource capabilities in perception and movement associated with releasing tension and finding new movements, work with anatomical and resource bodily images;              ✋ In search of a motor resource.       Finding poses and movements that are personally resourceful for you gives the energy of action or, conversely, conscious rooting and statics.              Cost:Early payment before March 1 - 650 hryvnias,       Usual when paying from March 1 - 800 hryvnia.              〰️ Dance Walking - dance walk in the city       March 28, 19: 00-20: 00              The idea of ​​a dance walk is as simple as possible.       Participants walk and dance, just walk and just dance as they can, without any requirements for the level of training and the given dance direction. In headphones, under one playlist, in different places.              At the same time, this idea has a deep meaning.       A creative challenge to oneself, tracking the reaction to possible assessments or even condemnation by society. This is to some extent even a socio-political statement about personal freedom.              Thus, an ordinary walk around the city turns into a dance holiday, from which all participants receive real pleasure, as well as a powerful statement of personal values ​​through dance as a natural movement.              Participation in the dance walk is free.              〰️ Individual therapeutic sessions with Alexander Girshon.       We offer three formats:               Integrated somatic coaching.              This is a developmental work with bodily resources and changing motor patterns. Based on various approaches in somatics, we will individually find ways to move along the most suitable way for you to develop your physicality               Dance-motor and body-oriented therapy.Work with a psychological request. In a safe and clear support space through movement and interaction, you can work with topics of emancipation, insecurity, inability to express oneself, difficulties in contact with oneself and others, emotional competence, traumatic experiences and so on               Individual sessions of the Authentic Movement.              The therapist is the "Witness", and the client, in the role of the "Moving One," explores in a safe space through movement and feedback the topics of his unconscious. Supportive and deep form of inner work.              March 26, from       - 10:00 to 11:00       - from 12:00 to 13:00       - from 15:00 to 16:00       - from 17:00 to 18:00              Session Duration: 1 hour       Cost: 2500 UAH       More information and tickets:

The poster of the event — Week of Alexander Girshon / Dance Walking - dance walk in the city in The practice center mindfulness "Mindspot"