The events in Odessa at 26 March 2020

"Mahatma" writer David Markish / Book about the great scientist Vladimir Khavkin

26 March 2020, 17:00
category: presentation
place: Literary Museum (Lanzheronovskaya str., 2)

Especially to the 160-year anniversary of the great scholar Vladimir Khavkin in the Odessa literary Museum will host the presentation of the book "Mahatma" writer David Markish. Roman "Mahatma" is an incredible story of Dr. Khavkin, discoverer of vaccines against cholera and plague, revolutionary in life and science, who left his homeland and became a Mahatma in India. The book is published with the support of the international project "Mahatma Khavkin," which was created by a descendant of Dr. Alexander Duel. We Express our gratitude to Eugene Demenok (Eugene Demenok) and the world Club of inhabitants of Odessa for hosting this event. Special guests: - Alexander Duel, founder of the project "Mahatma Khavkin" (Aleksandr Duel, Dr. Khavkin. The unknown man) - David Markish, the Israeli writer, winner of many international literary awards, including the literary prize of Ukraine, prize British book of the League of Georgian literary prize named after Ivan Machabeli (David Marques) - Eugene Demenok, writer, journalist, and art historian. One of the founders of the literary Studio "Green light", winner of the International marks the name of the father of Russian futurism David Burliuk and the Laureate of Odessa municipal prize of a name of K. G. Paustovsky (Eugene Demenok)

The poster of the event — "Mahatma" writer David Markish / Book about the great scientist Vladimir Khavkin in Literary Museum