The events in Odessa at 28 March 2020

Comedy / Valery Chiglyaev "Performance after the performance"

28 March 2020, 19:00
category: festival
from 180 to 350 UAH
place: Theatre "House of clowns" (St. Olgievskoy, 23)

Why you should go to Valery Chiglyaev. "PERFORMANCE AFTER PERFORMANCE"?              1. Valery Chiglyaev's solo performance "Performance after the performance" is performed in Odessa FOR THE FIRST TIME thanks to the Comedyad festival.       2. You will learn what you never knew, but always wanted to know about the theater! So you have not seen Chiglyaev!       3. The International Comedyad Festival of Clowns and Mimes is a unique event in which you will see the best clowns and mimes in the world for six days.              Tickets (180-350 UAH.) Can be purchased on any day:       a) in the House of Clowns, telephone for information (048) 723-63-16       b) box office network Ukrticket and       c) online:              Sensation! Premiere! For the first time in Odessa!       People’s Artist of Ukraine Valery Chiglyaev, founder of the legendary Odessa theater “Grotesque”, the main pirate from the treasure island’s favorite cartoon, vice president of the Golden Goose jokes club, laureate of international theater festivals, who played Othello, Mozart, Schweik, who shone in plays of Pushkin, Shakespeare, Chekhov in his new solo performance-benefit show reveals the secrets of theatrical backstage! You will learn something that you never knew, but always wanted to know about the theater! So you have not seen Chiglyaev!              Prepare shawls for tears and not only out of laughter ... So!              Author: ALEXANDRAS RUBINOVAS.              "PERFORMANCE AFTER PERFORMANCE". (Like a comedy - a benefit)              The directors of the play are Alexander Katunin, Valery ChiglyaevActor - Valery Chiglyaev              Producer - Zarina Archakova              The play uses excerpts from the plays of William Shakespeare:              * 1-V. Shakespeare "Othello" 1 act.       * 2-V. Shakespeare “Macbeth” 3 act, 4 scene.       * 3-V. Shakespeare “Hamlet” 3 act, 2 scene.       * 4-V. Shakespeare “12 night, or whatever” 5 act, 1 scene.       * 5-V. Shakespeare "The Taming of the Shrew" 2 act, 1 scene.       * 6-V. Shakespeare "Julius Caesar" 3 act, 2 scene.       * 7-V. Shakespeare "A Midsummer Night's Dream" 1 act, 2 scenes.              "Performance after the play" .... As the directors defined the genre of performance, it is "like a comedy-benefit". The play was staged for the anniversary of Valery Chiglyaev and timed to the birthday of William Shakespeare ... What a time!              This is the confession of the actor ”after the play“ ...              The action is designed so that the audience involuntarily enters the game, becoming actors for a while.              The actor returns to Shakespearean roles and ...              And what is “theater” in general?!.              And do not the backstage and spiritual passions of the actor reach Shakespearean heights ?!              The best thing about the performance can be said in the poet’s words: “... But fiction plunges us to where dreams are hiding,       Illusion is ahead       All that you do not believe in.       Life is short, like reading plays,       But if you believe, you'll live       Theater is a sweet attempt       Go back, change something.       Stop for a moment,       Then fade like a flower       And be reborn with inspiration.       Play! God permits! .. "Dedicated to the great actress and teacher Lyubov Grigoryevna Shah,       To master Leonid Artemovich Oleinik,       Teacher and Director Vitaly Efimovich Malakhov.       Special thanks to Alexandras Rubinovas for the kindly provided play.

The poster of the event — Comedy / Valery Chiglyaev "Performance after the performance" in Theatre "House of clowns"